Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Background is begun

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The fabrics are fused completely first, then cut and overlapped 1/4" to form seams. I will add one more piece along the bottom to even it out and then I will decide how the design of the matchsticks will appear. Creating this background was the hardest part, and the rest will just be fun. The size is about 60" wide by 42" long.
For those unaccustomed to designing with fused fabrics, here is how it works. The fusible, Wonder-Under, comes with a paper backing that is removed and saved after the fusing is completed. This paper is reusable and is the assembly site for making the rest of the quilt. Each piece is overlapped on another to form a fused seam, and then the whole top is fused to cotton batting.
Since this is merely the background of my design, I will be applying bits of fabric and fusing them to this background, taking care to have either the paper underneath or a teflon pressing sheet, protecting my quilt top from being fused to the ironing table.

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