Monday, November 29, 2004

These two hats are my weekend knitting output. I got the pattern from my friend Frieda, She was wearing her version, ever so tasteful, on Friday on our mad After Thanksgiving Shopping Spree, and I realized that I needed one too. My short hair was not keeping my head warm. Turns out, she had given me the pattern eons ago and when I found it I was happy to see that I had everything necessary to make one, right here in my vast stash. I have two coats that I wear in the cold, one red and one black, plus a new black and white knitted Dale of Norway cardigan, which doubles as a car coat. I had a purchased black tam, but really didn't feel it was cute enough to satisfy. Now that I have these I am delighted to have found a simple and quick remedy.
Here's the pattern, from memory.
Gauge: 3 sts per inch using whatever yarn and needles will acheive that gauge. I used 10.5 circular and dp needles and used Lambspride worsted, doubled for the black one, carrying along an eyelash until it ran out. You will need about 130 yards of your preferred yarn. The red one uses Lambspride worsted (not doubled), but with Moustache carried along, which is pretty much like Funny, only I got it on sale, so it was more expensive initially.

Cast on 70 stitches, in the round, and knit until it measures ten inches. Divide into five sections of 14 sts on dp needles and decrease (K2 tog) at the end of each needle until there are only 5 sts. remaining. Cut yarn leaving a 5 inch tail and thread thru the remaining sts. Tie off and wear!
Couldn't be easier.

I knit while watching a great film on dvd ( Andy Goldsworthy Rivers and Tides, Working with Time. It is about the process and art of Andy who sculpts with natural materials, such as ice, stone, leaves and sticks. I was so inspired that I must go and make a quilt like his work. Don't I have any ideas of my own? Yes! My great idea is to steal his idea. You can rest assured that my quilt will be made from fabric and if I didn't tell you that it was his sculpture that inspired it, you would not guess.


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