Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Showing My Homework

 And here are the results of my first day with paint (in a long time. )

I kept a limited palette of yellow, black and white. All are on paper, 9x12", but the last one is 12" square. That was done on heavier watercolor paper.

#1 is acrylic paint with stamping and ink pens. The large roundish shapes are made with a toilet paper core, well used and thickened with multiple layers of paint.
The mat and frame is done in Picasa3. How nice they look framed!
#2 acrylic with stenciling through sequin waste, stamping, and ink and pencil markings.

#3 acrylic with one tiny strip of collage, with pen markings and water soluble crayon.

#4 acrylic with stenciling through sequin waste, stamping, pen and then brayer to blur the paint layer.

#5 acrylic, collage, ink, stenciling, stamping.

#6 acrylic, modeling paste, collage, and stamping.

I didn't edit as much as I should have. #4 is the least over worked, but #1, #2 and #6 are the most resolved, I think. Adding more color makes me like #6 the best.

I stopped and looked at my faves on Pinterest every few hours, and went right back to 'fix' things. Very difficult to make myself hold back, probably because I was so excited to be in the zone.


  1. Interesting to see how it evolves.

  2. Wow! Fantastic start! Actually looks like finish to me. They're all beautiful. Well balanced. So where do you get sequin waste?

    Maggie in Arizona

    1. I got sequin waste at Hobby Lobby. In the artificial flower dept. I think.

    2. I was just going to ask that question too! Guess I'll have to wait for the weather to cool down and head south to Hobby Lobby!
      Love all of your work... very inspiring!

  3. Do I recognize a Nerf dart print? Happy to see you cycle back to paint.

  4. Where's the "like' button? These are so appealing.

  5. Hi Melody :) I love, love, love your paintings! I'm so impressed. I've seen artists who've been painting abstracts for years that aren't this good. Would you consider selling any??? We have a mid cent home with modern abstract art and one of these would look perfect. Also I think my daughter would love a piece for her LA apt.

    1. Kimberj,
      Wait! This is just the beginning. I will be choosing the best work (eventually) and putting it on the blog for sale (cheap). I may mount the paper works on a wood panel, instead of sending them out to be framed. I have seen some work done this way and it looks fabu. But for now I am trying to calm down and make a lot of bad work while searching for the good, better, best in them all.

  6. You're "trying to calm down and make a lot of bad work......"? Where's the bad work? All of these paintings are stunning. I kept going back & forth trying to decide which one I like best......it's a hard decision to make!

  7. Very nicely done. My favorite is #3. Makes me want to re-watch Jane Davies and get my paints out. I seem to be stuck in what I'm
    doing so might be a good change.

  8. In everything you're an artist.

  9. I am so impressed with the excellent images of your work.
    I always enjoy your blog, admire your work and am very impressed how you blog so regularly. It makes it enjoyable reading thank you.
    I wish my veg here in Northern Ireland grew half as fast as your plants, I am very envious.

  10. So lovely! Are you going to offer, "Make Me A Painting" and sell them?

  11. Love these Melody. Thanks for letting us see the progression!

  12. I love them :)

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