Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Paintings: Day 2

Pink Dawn, acrylic and ink on canvas panel, 6" square.
My approach: paint the canvas, blot the canvas, repaint the canvas. Let dry, and then return to accent the parts that needed something. Add details with pen. The white ink pen is Uniball Signo in a medium or bold point (can't remember which, and it states its size in Japanese, so quien sabe?)

Kitchen Sink I
Acrylic on foam core panel ~12x16".
I planned on painting a lot of  collage papers and wanted a substrate to paint them on.  I located this piece of foam core and painted my first piece of tissue paper and the paper disintegrated! I could barely peel it off. The remaining paint was my starting point for this painting. I painted something really lovely and thought I would drip paint on it to 'fix it' and that was awful, so then I painted over it and over that and finally stamped some stuff on it, still attempting to make it work. I considered calling it Overworked, but Kitchen Sink is better and may be the start of a new series of titles based on throwing in all the tricks in my bag.

 Fault Lines, acrylic paint skins, collage and acrylic paint on watercolor paper. 8x10" . The leftover dried paint on my waxed paper palette is so interesting and since it peels off, I thought I would begin this attempt by collaging some bits of dried paint onto the paper. So ugly. Painted over it, collaging some painted papers over that, and then again painting over those. Eventually times runs out and the painting ends, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. At least I got texture, which was on the list of things to attempt.

I begin each day in the studio with a lot of resolve, which dissolves pretty fast.
All paintings are posted sans my comments here:
Here are the results of that Jane Davies experiment. It was difficult to pull the skin off the page protector without tearing the film. The white film stuck to itself and only a small part of it will be usable. I didn't use the same brand of acrylic medium, so that may have been the issue. She used Golden and I used Liquitex. Hmmm.

We have baby figs! Those tiny nubs at the leaf axils are the two fig starts. Pray they grow up to be big juicy sweeties. Yay!


  1. I love your experiments! They may not always end up masterpieces, but the process of trying new things has become a favorite of mine... I really like the first and third ones you posted! And congrats on the baby figs... hope they grow up nice and pudgy!

  2. NICE works! The colors are GREAT!!!!

  3. okay... just have to say it again: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME HAVE FIRST SHOT AT BUYING SOME OF THESE!!!! My whole family loves them (I've been emailing pics of your work around). Today's are so fun and bright :)

    1. Kimberj, email me privately and we'll talk. Melody fibermania at g mail dot com

  4. I love Fault Lines!

  5. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I LOVE PInk Dawn ! And,figs,already?? You have magic fingers! Julie


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