Friday, May 30, 2014


 The Juliet cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red. I was advised by my gardening cousin Celeste to get this variety and she was so right. It is amazing already and I haven't even tasted one yet. But so many fruits have set and they are not tiny in any way. These first ones look like the regular size Romas, but ten on one stem!
And the first nasturtium is going to open today. I have planted seeds in just about every pot or bin in the yard, since the seeds are cheap and I love the colors. The second one to open will be yellow, but that shot was out of focus. I'll get a better one later.

Someone (!) moved the chair that was supporting the cucumbers, so they stretched out over the edge and soon will hit the ground. They are supposed to be bush, not trailing, but I guess they didn't get the memo.

And we have our first pickle sized cuke! One of hundreds. Years ago, innocently, I planted ten cucumber vines, because I had the room, and had such a crop that I ended up burying 83 cucumbers, after trying to give them to all the neighbors. Three plants is all I have now. Lesson learned.

The first Rocket snapdragon has opened today too. I got the mix, so I expect red, white, yellow and pink. I lined them up along the edge of these two tubs, and they have filled in nicely. Those big leaves are rutabaga. Impressive.

I planted lots of very cheap root bound white petunias and they have behaved like champions. Nonstop blooming and spreading out perfectly. I'll plant these again next year.

And the ever dependable Stella d'oro are blooming away too. 

Under the big leaves of rutabaga I have tiny basil plants. They won't mind a bit of shade. Hopefully the sweet potato vines will cascade in the other direction. That snapdragon has so many side shoots, it is sure to be blooming all season.
Today is the almost the end of May and I am calling it Summer now. Dave is having a super time golfing, and because he joined the local club, it entitles him to play five other courses too. I'll see him again when the snow flies... maybe.  I am staying inside in the cool studio during the daytime, after watering everything in the early hours. I've started a bonus quilt since the fabric was enticing and I await the response from the next person on my list. A little reading in the afternoon and then a nap. This is how I'll be spending my summer.


  1. What a garden! Beautiful! And it sounds like your days are perfect. (I still think those neighbors are watching in amazement out of their upper windows. You'll probably be asked to consult on their gardens soon)!

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    OMG. . .OMG. . .OMG!!!! The garden is looking spectacular! ~R

  3. The garden is beautiful! The speed in which it has filled in is amazing!

  4. Peg Howard9:39 AM

    So delighted for your new life space.....- and Dave having all the golf he wants.....and you not having to fight all those pests in the garden that you had before.....the garden is looking sooooo good- already!!!

  5. What a nice reward for all that work!

  6. I lenjoy the close-ups, and the zoomed-out shots of the garden... so sweet to see the busy-bursting-blooming up close, as well as the panned-out majesty of the whole riot of color and exuberant green! Love it!

  7. You just planted this garden. I saw it with my own two eyes...well through the blog. My gosh, this is why I have to retire somewhere where there is humidity! Out here in dried up California...well everything looks dried up.

  8. Love how your garden grows, Melody. I'm sure you already know that nasturtium are edible flowers. Too hot here for them, but we do see them in the Bay area to the west of us. Thanks for the tomato tip.

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