Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Number 3000

I was answering an email from a lovely person who wants me to write a book (of all my quilts) and noticed that I had so far accumulated 2999 blog posts since 2004. So I knew instantly that I had to commemorate that total with a 3000th post.
Here it is:
Fingers Crossed
Sunday we received our first overnight visitors at the new house: Dave's sister Carol and her husband Dan, who drove in from Chicago to stay a few days. We have such a great time with them and talk and laugh all day and most of the night and walk the dogs and eat and drink, and drink some more.
 On Monday we got a call from our real estate broker that we got a bid on the country house! Brother in law Dan happens to be our lawyer and he advised us and we countered the offer and now we have until 5pm today to see if they will agree to our terms. This may be the day the house sells...or not. SO how's that for a momentous beginning to their visit?

We still have a little bit of stuff to move out of this house, like more of my art stuff, and that will have to happen very soon. Mostly I am looking forward to moving my big blue ceramic flower pots and getting something started in them as it is already Spring in the Valley where we now live.

My sister in law Carol is so clever at decorating and we have been looking at my beige walls, which she likes and she is making helping me soften my opinions of them, and perhaps soon something new will be hanging on the walls. I think the character of this house may benefit more from paintings in the great room and quilts in other the rooms. Stay tuned.
To say we are on pins and needles about this sale is an exaggeration. I feel that it is early days and when things begin to bloom on the mountain and the weather warms, more lookers and potential buyer will appear, so even if these people can't agree to our counter, someone else will, soon. I am confident.
In the meantime, I am thinking about buying dirt, and six packs of pansies and getting my hands dirty. Spring does that 'thing' to me.
Thanks to all of you who follow this blog and my adventures. I so appreciate your kind attentions.

PS! OMG I didn't realize that the pics from the post yesterday didn't show up! So much going on and not enough paying attention, so sorry.  Here they are:
The Moon Beams quilt


  1. Melody, Thank you for entertaining us with 3000 posts on Art, Life, Beauty, etc., etc. Fingers crossed for the sale!
    (P.S. What about the missing images from yesterday?)

  2. Can't wait to hear if your counter is accepted! I still love that house... so picturesque! Hope the bidders go for it, so it can be cared for and enjoyed by a new family. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see what you do to your new garden!

  3. Happy 3000th! I really hope it's a serious offer for a book deal. I would LOVE to have a book of your quilts that I could page through whenever I felt like it! Plus your dyeing tips and fusing tips and finishing tips, etc., all in a book rather than on the computer would be fabulous.
    Hopefully the realtors are showing some of your photos of what's to come with Spring at the old house. I think you're absolutely right that if these people don't accept your counter there will be more coming soon. Such a beautiful setting.
    It'll be so fun to see how you transform the yard at this house, too.

  4. You have done so many improvements on that house, I know someone will buy it soon! I can imagine how you are anxious to get started on gardening-you really have a green thumb. I enjoy your blog, and go to it every day-thanks!

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Happy 3000! I think I have enjoyed every single one of them. Thank you for sharing your art, your process and most of all your very good life. Beth

  6. 3000 posts!!!!! That's fantastic!!! Good luck on the sale of the house!

  7. Congrats on reaching 3000 posts. I have certainly enjoyed reading them and viewing all your wonderful photos. Sending good energy your way on the sale of your house. Best to you, Dave and the little monsters.

  8. Nooo!!! Don't believe what your sister-in-law says about beige! Haha!

    Congrats on getting your first offer! And yes, no doubt more coming down the pike if they don't work out -- I totally agree.

    Change is in the air -- we ourselves just went under contract a few days ago! Our offer-counteroffer was accepted on this sweet little charmer:

    ...so your quilt 'Domicile' is headed south in a month or so! It will be so happy there!

  9. Congratulations on hitting the 3,000 mark and on the movement on your house! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  10. Judy from Northport2:16 PM

    The quilt is gorgeous.
    You are delicious. So much generosity and information and entertainment X 3000. Amazing!

  11. I've been reading your blog off and on since you were still in Chicago. always a pleasure to check in with you. I even remember when Dave had his own blog for awhile. That was a real eye opener! I can hardly use the toilet at night without remembering what he wrote:-D Congratulations on such a great career in your art, in your blogging and in life. Hope your old house sold and if you publish a book I'd be sure to purchase it.

  12. Congratulations on 3000! Thank you for sharing your colors, quilts, thoughts, and inspirations with all of us! Here's to 3000 more (at least!)
    I hope the house sells quickly---if not this buyer, another one soon. When the gardens are blooming, I'm sure that it will attract many buyers.
    Some of your quilt photos literally give me goose bumps---"Moonbeams" is one of these! If you ever published a quilt book, I would definitely buy it!

  13. Congratulations! I so enjoy looking at your work! I have a new favorite...that moonbeams quilt is unbelievably beautiful. Wow!

  14. Congratulations! I hope your house sells as well as you write the book. I will definitely purchase it. Your quilts are so beautiful and I love looking at the quilts you are so kind to share with us.

  15. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hope the sale works out. It is a beautiful house with a spectacular garden! congratulations on 3000! I have only been reading since maybe 2006 or 07, but have enjoyed your thoughts and works so much. thanks! mary in NC.

  16. Happy day indeed! Congrats!

  17. Congrats on the house and #3000! It's kinda funny, I barely noticed the photos were missing, I think my minds eye filed in the images. Beautiful. So what about that book......

  18. Congrats on 3000 posts!! Fingers and paws are crossed for you & Dave on the house deal. Go get the pansies and start celebrating Spring - we're still frozen up here in Illinois, with fresh snow just this morning.

  19. Congrats on 3000 posts! I hope the house deal goes through.
    Spring is definitely sprung here - the daffodils are fading, as are the pink cherries but the cherry cherries are really coming in!

  20. Your new house looks lovely. Great surroundings. I got my hands dirty for two days and then it started to rain! Still a lot to do in my country garden. It has to wait because I am going to a seminar in Athens called World of Crafts, making crafts your business.Greece is beautiful in spring, so many wild flowers. Hope that you sell your house quickly.

  21. Oh Mel! I'm so thrilled you've got an offer, I've always loved your country house so I hope it goes to someone who appreciates it. Congratulation on blog 3K, that's a huge achievement. I do hope the book writing comes off - with really large, high quality photographs. There'll be a ready market for it, as the other responders have shown already. Prayers the offer is accepted.

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  23. Kathy6:57 PM

    That is maybe my very favorite quilt you've ever made! Good job. I hope the receipient loves it as much as I do.
    And CONGRATULATIONS on selling your country house. It was beautiful and if it wasn't in the wrong part of the country, I would have loved to buy it myself.

  24. I absolutely adore that moon beams quilt! It is stunning!!

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