Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Archaeological Discoveries

 Well, archaeological may be a bit of a stretch, but I had totally forgotten that I had this artwork, since it got packed up in 2007 and stayed packed in our garage when we moved to Tennessee. Who knew? So now that I am moving boxes from the new garage to...somewhere in the new house, I am finding 'lost artwork' from days gone by.
The first one is an 8x10" fused quilt, hand embroidered and hand quilted, mounted on plexiglass. I know the questions are...How? Well the plexiglass has been drilled with a tiny drill bit and I used fishing line to insert in the holes to hang it and to stitch the piece to the plexiglass. The tiny stitches are just through the back of the quilt, and don't show at all on the front.
 Then this mixed media piece, which had no date or name is made with acrylic paint, and ink pens and stamping on illustration board and is in immaculate condition. Glad I did my packing carefully back then. 20x15".
 I am so glad to have rediscovered this piece, which was no doubt one of my last machine/hand embroidered fused and quilted works. 9x12 mounted on plexi, which measures 13x15". Love this piece, and I am sure I can find a spot for it in the house of many more empty walls.
The last piece, of which there are many more in the box from which it came, is a mixed media fabric and paint, fused collage, mounted on illustration board. 20x15" The center is acrylic paint and then it is embellished with colored pencils and ink, and fused hand dyed fabrics. Very 'desert-y' methinks.
I'll be unearthing more of these in the coming days, I am sure.


  1. What fun you must be having "unearthing" these works!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    What a magnificent find! LOVE all these pieces. :)


  3. Oh, what beautiful treasures you have found! The hand/machine embroidered fused piece is amazing!

  4. Brige in IL10:41 AM

    LOL... Beautiful work but look at that "slim" Melody reflecting off the Plexiglas! You have truly lost some weight!

  5. what a fun, you must finish this and i lkie these!!!1

  6. What fun to rediscover these works! Could you say something about mounting on illustration board? How did you do that? And how would it hang? Thanks.

  7. These "old" pieces become new again. They are wonderful!

  8. They are all stunning, I would be love to have just one hanging in my house

  9. Beautiful! Every one of them!

  10. I love that last saw desert, I saw the pond in the park near here. Your beautiful quilts are a breath of fresh air as the winter winds howl outside my window!


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