Monday, November 04, 2013

Closet Playing

I just had to try out the Expedit as knit storage. This will work so much better than those hanging bags things I had in my old closet. Do you wonder why I am knitting for other people and not for myself anymore?
Just one of Dave's sweaters is one I knit and the rest are from his 'collection'. Just two cubbies worth.
In reality, it's all sweatshirts here on a daily basis.

That tiny old closet is going to be reorganized completely, when I get totally bored with the new stuff. The new walk-in is soooo much better, and yesterday Dave finished the painting and we installed in new fluorescent light fixture (4' long!) and it is BRIGHT in there. We still await the installation of the baseboard, but today the new bath is being tiled. Woowoo.
I found space in the wire drawers from some bedding and stacked my bags of bed quilts on top. Most of the time the lights will be off and there is going to be a door to this room, keeping it free of the all the floating dog hair. I hope.

Just last week we had our first frost and now the trees are turning glorious colors, and falling in drifts. So pretty for a few weeks and then it will be all bare.
PS. Today is the ninth anniversary of this blog. I can't believe it has been nine years! What a blabbermouth I must be.

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  1. Everything looks so bright and beautiful. What a nice treat to walk into that glorious color every day. I have rolling shelving units similar to your and love them. The remodel is coming along beautifully and I love to see what you are doing.

    Congrats on your ninth blog anniversary. Please keep it going. I always start my work day off by looking at it and then occasionally scroll through your gallery for inspiration and joy. The colors, patterns and movement of the quilt are uplifting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What Deb said! And...It appears you're having almost as much fun reorganizing all the beautiful fiber-y color as creating it!
    Happy 9th anniversary. I'm so grateful for your blog!

  3. so envious of that walk in. I think my sewing room is about that size. Happy blogiversary.

  4. Nine years...that's wonderful!!!

  5. Congrats Mel! It was a happy day when I discovered you in blogland. The colors in your sweater cubby echo many of the fall display you see out your window. I must learn to knit, I think I have 3 sweaters!

  6. Congrats on 9 years! Love reading your blog-it is how I begin my day.

  7. Melissa12:19 PM

    I hope that you will be blogging for at least another nine years! I love hearing about and seeing your adventures - you are so generous with your creativity. Thank you :-)

  8. Congratulations on your 9th! Thanks for sharing all this time!

  9. And this week is my five-year anniversary of reading your blog daily with my tea and breakfast! Still adore it, and anytime I'm on the road, I really miss the ritual of sitting down with my tea and my laptop. So fun!!

  10. Happy 9th anniversary Mel! You are so faithful in keeping us apprised of all the doings re: Quilting, Knitting, Decorating, Dave, Dawgs, etc. that I miss you when you are in the middle of sorting your life out. It's always exciting and I appreciate that you keep us in the loop.

  11. Anonymous7:58 PM

    You may be a blabbermouth but you also do an amazing number of projects and FINISH them. I love gardening and fabric and you do both in spades, so here is to nine more years of blogging!

  12. Nine years! Wow! And like a fine wine, you keep getting better and better, and we enjoy learning from your varied activities.

    Thank you, and congratulations

  13. Nine years! Wow! And like a fine wine, you keep getting better and better, and we enjoy learning from your varied activities.

    Thank you, and congratulations

  14. I LOVE your blog, and it is a daily place I visit! I hope to find time this winter to browse back through to the time before I started reading. Keep blabbing, okay? I really enjoy everything you post! And I love what you have done to the house... this latest project is wonderful!

  15. What a great closet! I went to Lowe's this weekend and purchase two of the round 21.65" ceiling lights for my studio. Now all I have to do is paint the ceiling and get my brother over to help me install them.

  16. Wow - I love the Great Wall of Colour (and not just the sweaters - the yarn collection)! So bright and pretty! having it visible makes it much easier to plan things...

  17. PS happy blogiversary!

  18. Congratulations! So glad you are here.

  19. Keep on blabbing, Melody. I love reading your blog everyday. It always feels like a visit with a good friend.

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