Friday, September 27, 2013

Collaborating with Melissa

Hi Melody! I can't tell you how excited I am by this collaboration - your work is absolutely stunning, and an inspiration to me!
First and foremost - I want you to feel completely free to follow your muse - if anything I say here feels restrictive to you: ignore it! :-)

1. I would like a work 22" on a side
2. Preferably (probably) horizontal, although if you are tending vertical, that's OK too
3. High contrast, vivid, earthy (if you are called to go that direction)
4. Machine quilting, and any other combo you want
5. Abstract, botanical
6. Fused, and pieced if you like
Some of my favorite pieces: "Allegro," "Full Sails," "Hill Top Houses," "Sunflowers 2," "Crosswind," and "IMG 5022"
Thank you so very much, Melody, not only for including me in this wonderful project, but for sharing your process with all of us as you work along.
Hugs from Sedona, AZ,

Well! This really list really leaves the creative doors wide open. Such a variety of favorites to provide hints at your taste. I think I am seeing some earthier tones in these pieces (not counting Sunflowers II) and that looks like a direction I might take. And slightly non-figurative imagery-leaning toward botanical also seems to be OK too. With this larger size I might be able to include some nice quilted areas, I think. It all looks like a treat for me to design! Yay!

Hilltop Houses
Sunflowers II
Full Sails
Img 5022 or Silk Gingkos

On the home front, here is the start of Dave's new Boudoir. The plumbing is in place under the floor, from the crawl space, and the first wall studs are up. 9 1/2 feet up.
This room is at the opposite end of the house so we can close the door and not have the dust invade us.
The bathroom tile is here, but far from ready to install, and by next Monday the flooring will be ready for pickup at Lowe's.
The stairs are going to be reduced in size and between them and the studs you see here, there will be a closet built.
That back door is on the driveway side of the house and I intend to make it the major entryway into the house, of the three doors on that side. A tile pad will keep the wet shoes from tracking into the rest of the rooms. I am always looking for ways to keep the floors clean, usually in vain.
One of those glowing light fixtures will be traveling upstairs to light my work surface and design wall. I eagerly anticipate that wonderful day.
My loft studio is above it all, nice and clean and ready for Melissa's project. The compact quality of this layout is so efficient, but I only have the sewing equipment up here. The painting supplies, and all that yarn are still to be brought up, not in this room but the adjacent bedroom and closet. It will be nice to have it all on the same floor, and again out of sight of the main living areas. It is all in the living room at the moment. What a mess. Still, I have my retreat in the loft.

Dave and Chumley sharing the couch at naptime, complete with competitive snoring. Dave's birthday is tomorrow, and he will be 59. We'll be celebrating in a low key manner, his choice. I am sure painting will be involved.


  1. And I see my quilt on the wall!
    Dave and Chumley are looking very relaxed. Competitive snoring? My Muttley could enter a competitive snoring competition and win it easily. I reckon I share a bed with a Chainsnore some nights...

  2. You seem to work at an amazing speed so exciting to look at your site and find what today holds thank you so much for sharing with us xxx

  3. What a wonderful photo of two good buddies who love each other! Precious and priceless!

  4. I notice that Chumley always seems to have the most comfortable spot (with the pillow).

    Your work is so good that I almost quit following your blog. My work is so plain jane, just regular, compared to yours. The colors are spectacular. Your work is wonderful!

    Cheery wave from

  5. Happy Birthday, Dave!

  6. Brige1:46 PM

    Happy Birthday Super Dave!

  7. Happy Birthday Dave! Chumley certainly hogs the space doesn't he. I guess you can close the door on the noise...

    What's the favourite birthday dinner?

  8. Judy Morningstar12:13 AM

    Dave's Dive is progressing nicely! I really admire you for rearranging your home so many times to get it just right for your lifestyle.
    Your current collaboration projects are really interesting- a perfect mix- creative work with guaranteed sale. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  9. I wouldn't be able to nap without a pillow, but guess Chumley is a good substitute.

  10. Happy birthday, Dave! Wishing you many more naps on the couch with the dawg(s).

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