Thursday, August 08, 2013

Window Shopping

 It was rainy, again, which worked right into my plans. I needed to get Dave's input on my ideas for the new remodeling project. I figured we take a quick trip into town to Lowe's and compare prices and contrast products for the bath redo and the floors...yes the floors are getting changed too. Actually it was only going to be the floors in the beginning, but it became a bigger more inclusive project.
We have four or five different floor coverings on the first level. I don't like any of them, and want hardwood on everything. But I want it to at least come close to our living room and kitchen yellow hearts of pine, so I am hoping to go with this creamy yellow bamboo.
I showed Dave my inexpensive fix for the shower/bath combo, but surprisingly he picked a more expensive and really much nicer tub. The doors are curved glass and the most expensive part ($399!)of the set. (I'd be just as happy with a curved  shower curtain rod...)
Our contractor is coming on Friday to figure out if we can do this tub in the same space as our walk-in shower. Or if we need to try plan B or C. We would love to see if a full second bath could be added to the studio/Dave's new apartment. We'll see.
Then we looked at interior doors, and new French doors to replace the slider in the studio. We really liked the kind with the built in shade that will scroll down and block out the afternoon heat.
I kept a running total on just these items, and I still have more room in the budget! Where is this budget coming from? Remember, we SOLD the boat! ha.

I am keeping up with the jacket knitting and will be doing the shoulders and collar next. Woowoo!
I am watching George Gently on Netflix.

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  1. LOVE George Gently!

  2. I'm pretty certain I have the exact doors you showed. We LOVE them. Having the screen inside the door is FABULOUS.

  3. I have those doors in the casita...they're perfect as the sun moves from front to back. Is that MY sweater??? It's gorgeous!!!

  4. You might want to reconsider replacing your walk-in shower. The reason? People with Parkinsons Disease have problems with steps as the illness progresses. My Uncle had Parkinsons and was able to stay in his home for a very long time, partly because of having easy access to washing facilities. He had a walk-in shower with a seat and grab bars in his bathroom. Just something to consider as this is your forever house.

  5. I would have to agree with Diane, Mel. Stepping over something could lead to balance problems.

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I was wondering about a walk-in shower with seating as well as grab bars. To heck with resale value for the next owners. This is for you and Dave right now.
    Nina M in BC Canada

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Ditto on the grab bars, for ANYBODY's use, regardless of what style you decide on! Especially if the old shower's replaced, that's the time to locate the studs & reinforce with cross-bracing if needed where the bars would be located. Even if you don't put them in at the same time, keep good measurements & then they can easily be added later. But I voted to keep the walk in shower. To heck with the tub... just a nuisance!

  8. I love the floor colour...warm and welcoming.
    I've already put my penny's worth in on the rest so I will shut up now!
    Love the new jacket too...

  9. Oooh, the colors on the newest knit jacket is fantastic . lucky, lucky people who ordered one of these. :-)

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