Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Dye Results

Rain was expected but I thought I could get a few pieces dyed and allow them to sit in the house alcove all night, undiluted by the rain, and then do washout this morning. I needed pastels with texture so I pleated three yard pieces and poured on watered down dye. They are very pale, which was my aim. The I did a three half yard set with the same dyes to make a Special Edition.

I pulled out three pieces from bygone days to show that I have PLENTY of full spectrum color already in my stash. Everything in between is my next dye project. Not today, however as the rain is here for the duration.

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  1. Melody, I would really love to know what dye colors you used for the multi colored pieces. Which parts are the dyes mixing?


  2. Your dyed fabrics are so beautiful, fascinated by your post on process yesterday too.

  3. The last few posts you have done have really made me want to do some dying myself. I love the results you get!


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