Friday, June 14, 2013

Day One Results

We had a wonderful day dyeing, with perfect weather outside, altho we stayed indoors to do the actual dyeing. Then I had this bright idea to put all the fabric outside on the deck in the hot sun to encourage the dye. Hmmm. Notice the blue lids? Everything in those containers turned out perfectly solid, which was our aim. But the baggies and clear containers were a different story. The intense heat brought dye up to the edges and make darker streaks, not what we intended. The fabrics are still nice, just not solids. So much for my teaching expertise. I think we could have left them in the shade where it was still warm, and had a better result. I live and learn.
We worked with limited colors, rather than dye one yard of every color dye we have. Instead we did gradations, and used black with the four different yellow dyes, as well as making two reds and shaded variations. We were pretty conservative with the intensity of the dye, and mixed it rather sparingly, so most of our results were mid-toned to light. But as I always say, we need to have lighter values and never think to make or buy them, so now we have them. We likey!
And then we have a gray and a green-gray, and aren't sure how we arrived at either of those colors. I confess I did more talking than paying attention. I know my cousin gained lots of confidence with my devil-may-care approach to the technique. Whatever we do, something good comes of it anyway.
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  1. Love that green and grey in the bottom photos. Nice mistake. LOL

  2. And it's such a beautiful grey too! Love the two chartreuse greens as well. I love dyeing and it was reading your devil-may-care instructions that got me keen and confident too.

  3. Yum! I love what you have achieved...and I agree with you...the light colours are wonderful!

  4. Wonderful colours. Makes me want to get out my dying gear and have another go!!

  5. As you say, live and learn. I love the ones with the gradations though. And all the colors are beautiful, especially that turquoise. And the grey, wow!

  6. Nice. Lovely colours.

  7. Very nice, and good to know about the blue lids vs. the clear. I love the mottled gray.

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM

    My eye is SO drawn to that grey that I wanted to ask you what you mixed to get it. After admiring the photo, I read your post and see that the answer is unknown. :)
    I hope to do some dyeing again myself in a couple of weeks.


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