Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Stuff

How many times have I begun a sentence with "I saw this on Pinterest"? Here I go again. When I saw this cut up sweatshirt, I knew I had to do it too. So fast and just right for chasing the chill.
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Now that I have worn this all day, I am thinking maybe a fabric trim, button placket, and pocket are soon to follow. 
I bought this sweatshirt at the rum-dum two years ago, and just found it in my closet recently. Never having worn it, I decided it was OK to recycle into this cardigan. So glad I did. Much nicer than those Flashdance cutup sweats of old.

It was tidy up loose ends day in the studio, and my new shirt was finally going to get its buttonholes and buttons. My Janome 6500 makes great buttonholes and I like to sew my buttons on by machine. Have you used this trick? Tape the button in place and use a zig-zag to stitch them on. I put a pin in the center to provide some flex to the thread.

I bought black buttons, but they just disappeared and I thought a tiny bit more color (Pink!) would be better. Yup.

 My new fabrics and yarn finally arrived and I am so happy that they were delayed, because in the meantime Hobby Lobby has put their patterns on sale for 99 cents. How perfect! I am going there today after Jazzercise. Yes it is more Kaffe Fasset prints, but I think they will make lovely summer clothes, as the base fabric is so soft. The yarn, Vintage by Berrocco.

Here's the lovely and talented Dave wearing his finally finished vest. This shows him in the before blocking version. I blocked it overnight and now it is much looser on his skinny self. He thinks it is too girly, but promised to wear it anyway. Silk and merino...so soft and luxurious.

 Chester doing his big trick...carrying anything in his mouth and wagging his tail for approval. Darling.
Chumley doesn't do tricks, considering it beneath him.

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  1. I've also seen that sweatshirt cardi upcycle totally girlied up with ric rac, grosgrain ribbon trim and fabric rosettes. I did a long-sleeved t-shirt version for a summer cardi a couple of years ago, but I forgot about this technique - thanks for the reminder!

    Love Dave's vest. It's very handsome.

    (HANDSOME, Dave.)


  2. I like the idea for the sweatshirt, and yes, color is always better!
    I always get such a kick out of the dawgs.

  3. I bet Dave's vest is very huggable.

  4. That is a great photo of Dave. I think the vest looks great. :)

  5. Yummy pics today! Specially the puggies.

  6. Marijke van Swaaij6:13 PM

    Yeah Dave,I am with you this time. Sorry Melody. But maybe a real goood blocking will do the trick.

  7. The sweatshirt could be fun with some iron on stuff on it! House with some trees? And vest needs sleeves. Men don't wear those vests like that. Really. Do you ever see any men with those on? Got to side with Dave. Make him happy.


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