Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moving Toward the Light

Funny how I struggle along for years, making do, and then one day an idea pops into the old bean and a revolution occurs. I turned on the light fixture over my design wall and noticed how much brighter it was on that side of the room. Hey, I should be working in that light! I might even tire less if I can see better.
So I moved everything over to the lighter area, and despite the bad Feng Shui, this seems to be the best arrangement idea I've had for this room.
The machine, the iron and the light fixture are all on a power strip under the work table so I am not rolling over wires anymore which was really annoying, and I can turn everything off at once. I can slide my chair from the machine to the work table for a quick press and back again. And the fabric and blocks are right there on the wall, not getting lost in the current stuff on the table. Genius!

The TV is perfectly visible and my stereo is behind me, so I am way entertained. There are three doors in this room and one is behind me which is what makes this iffy Feng Shui, which teaches that one should be able to see if an enemy approaches, so a door at one's back is bad. But I have the bark-at -any-sound Dawgs, and really no enemies, so nevermind.
See the fan on the floor there? This is the best part. I was so gonna get air conditioning for this room, but today I was blissfully comfortable as this fan pulled the cool in from the rest of the house into the studio. What took me so long to use this fan?

And I still have the big table for spreading out the fabrics I'll need.

I am making a kinda traditional block style quilt. 16 blocks in a 4x4 layout. These are only the centers of the blocks. I will be quilting as I go, with narrow connector strips.

Chumley uses his chew-shoe as a pillow.

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  1. I definately have sewing room envy now!

  2. Love your new setup - make a lot of sense!

  3. I tend to assume that someone who makes wonderful quilts (thats you) has a perfect studio right out of an interior design show and never has to "make do" or shuffle things around for different projects. You always share so many good practical ideas that make quilting life easier. Thanks and keep it up.

  4. I love those "a-ha" moments! I just figured out - 14 years after getting my first dog - to keep the "prize bags" and leashed right by the front door. Duh. Glad you lilke your "new" space!

  5. If it works for you that's all that matters :) I'd have a different setup but we're all different.

  6. A long narrow mirror on the wall just to the right of the slider will allow you to see what is behind you --- if it really bothers you.

  7. I absoluetly love your creative space. The new work in progress on the design wall is fantastic. Enjoy.

  8. I love all the space and the lightness! Your blocks look neat!

  9. Yup, I certainly love those BING! moments. Especially at my age. Reassures me that I am still have some presence of mind. The new blocks are deliscious, yumyum, and inspiring. And of course your colors are oh so happy. Love, love, love.

  10. Your studio looks great, but I LOVE, LOVE those new striped blocks. They are soooo happy for some reason!

  11. Love what you have done with the place! I only have one suggestion. The current for the iron and sewing machine shouldn't be on the same plug-in. When the iron draws electricity, it will be hard for the computorized sewing machine to work with the drain. It could damage the machine. When I had my sewing room changed around, I made sure they weren't on the same outlet or circuit breaker. Easier to plug in somewhere else than buy a new machine.

  12. I really like the blocks at this stage: light and happy. Maybe that would be something to consider for a future quilt.


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