Thursday, July 07, 2011

Log Cabin Nine Patch

QAYG Log Cabin Nine Patch
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced, machine quilted, 50x50"

After the binding was finished, I decided to add more quilting and did a grid over the entire surface...which would have been much faster to do initially, but we live and learn. The uneven grid emphasizes the wonk of the blocks.
This process was great to learn and I kept thinking about my next one-s which is always a sign of having a wonderful time.
I have lots of small pieces of leftover batting, and I'll bet you do too. The other QAYG method that Marianne does is to piece and quilt blocks and then join them with strips on the back and front which leads me to think about using the batting scraps as the jumping off point for doodling around with another new work. I find I need a reason like this to motivate me.
One commenter a couple of days ago asked why I need a reason to make a quilt.
The answer is difficult and complicated to explain, but it has a lot to do with
1. Having a huge number of quilts packed in every nook and cranny of my house, and garage.
2. Making quilts has always been about furthering my career, and now that I am retired, I am still stuck in that same old groove in the brain, even tho I don't need to be.
3. If I can find a reason to make a quilt, like needing new work for a show, then I am enticed. I do kinda need new work for a show next January, which could be a reason to get my butt in gear now...or I could dig out a wheelbarrow full of work I have already made and use that. See what I mean?

So trying out this QAYG method has made me feel I have a reason to make new work. And it doesn't have to be for a show, or a class or to enter or to sell (tho I might have to, just so it doesn't languish in a closet). It just has to be so I get proficient at the process. And maybe to use up the leftover batting.

My dining table/sewing table is a tad too high and I got tired and sore from sewing all day. I need to consider finding a table where my machine could fit into it if I am to continue quilting this much. Altho I have been doing this for 30 years, there is always room for a change in equipment. I sat on my wheeled sewing chair, with an extra cushion, and that still wasn't enough. Somehow my legs have gotten shorter...

I just had to share my screaming Mimi lily. It is so huge and piiiiink!

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  1. Mimi is gorgeous and she knows it! She has a right to scream! Love the name!!

  2. So beautiful-luscious color that Mimi
    Glad you're back to work-I like the uneven grid. Got to get a table that's comfortable though. My cutting table gives me the same pain.

  3. Hey - I think that Mimi is screaming because that pic has all the same colors as your new, lovely, log cabin! Both are beautiful!

  4. Love Mimi! And I understand needing to make a quilt. I don't have a houseful, but can't justify making something I don't need, either for me or a show or a gift. I have a split rail on my table that needs several rows of stitch in the ditch and binding, and it has been there since early this year! I love the fabrics, but I just can't get enthused! But I never need an excuse to dye something... got 2 closets full of dyed clothing and I long to do more! You're either addicted or you arent... ;->

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I have 2 Tracey's Tables and Mike will customize. He also delivers many places. There is nothing I would change about mine!

  6. Love that log cabin! You are in inspiration!

  7. Well, maybe you are in inspiration mode, but to me you are AN inspiration.

  8. Mechelle9:55 AM

    I like the Galant tables from Ikea - the legs are adjustable so you can set your machine/ext table on top at the height you like, and change to normal height later if need be! (the sewing cabinets these days cost about a bazillion dollars!!!!) LOVE the new piece!

  9. You mean we need a REASON to make a quilt?

  10. Well just call me screamin' Mimi cuz I am screaming with joy for your new LC quilt. It is, well, words are just not adequate.

  11. Beautiful quilt....Beautiful flower

  12. I would love to see the back of this quilt. Can you show us Pics tomorrow?

  13. I immediately noticed the uneven grid quilting on your log cabin and I thought it was perfect!

  14. My dining table/sewing table is a tad too high and I got tired and sore from sewing all day. I need to consider finding a table where my machine could fit into it if I am to continue quilting this much.

    If I remember correctly your old dining table/sewing table is wood. So for the girl that has these two guys that are good a building stuff here is how to get your perfect height for sewing.

    If you don't want to cut your existing table up get on Craigslist and find a cheap wood dining table and modify it.

    Cut an area out that is the size of your sewing machine and the acrylic bed. Visit the local hardware store and get a board length of MDF [use mdf because it will not warp and is easy to paint. You will also need some "L" brackets and straight and "T" joiners. Cut the MDF to the height that you are comfortable with. Cut one length for the back long width, cut two lengths for the sides. Join the sides and back MDF pieces together using screws. Now you are ready to attach the piece of the table that you cut out to the MDF using straight and T joiners. Use the L brackets to attach this new shelf to the bottom of the table.

    If the table has a deep apron the shelf can also be made of MDF.

    To find the perfect height for you, since this is a custom make, sit in your sewing chair and adjust it to a height where your legs behind the knees is just slightly off the chair so you are not putting pressure there and reducing circulation. Lay something across the knees and have someone place a level on that. Once it is level they should measure from the floor to the top of that item. Now add 1 to 2 inches to that and that will be the height of the shelf from floor level. Some people can easily slide under something with an inch clearance and others require more.

    Perfect ergonomics is when you measure the height of your elbow from the floor, in your sewing chair, and the height of your wrist is a minimum of 2 inches lower. Three inches lower is my best comfort spot.

    Over the years I have shrunk from 5'8 to 5'7. I have always been more legs than torso and it was the torso that got shorter. My best friend is 5'5.5 and she sits taller than me because her torso is longer and her legs are shorter. When your hands and wrist are always working at a level that is higher than the elbow you will experience fatigue, neck burn, discomfort in the shoulder joints and mid and lower back strain and discomfort.

    Latest ramble over and out.

  15. Screaming Mimi reminds me of your quilts... great color!

  16. Love that lily!! And your quilt's pretty darned awesome too! :-)

  17. Quilt looks fantastic.

  18. Your latest quilt is really very beautiful...your exhibition will be quite something! Hope the lovely Mimi inspires another quilt for it!

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