Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peace and Quiet: Cue the Chainsaws!

It was a superbly peaceful morning and the treemen were expected to return at 10am to cut the trees down. At 7:45, they rolled up the driveway. Woowoo! Enthusiastic sawmen!
  Big trucks and a big crane. The man cut the limbs and tossed them down to a pair of waiting helpers who fed them into the chipper. Big noise.

The whole yard was covered with sawdust in no time.
All down and ready for Mike to take home to keep him warm next winter. He also used his own chainsaw to gnaw down the stumps, thus saving us from renting a stump grinder. Nice.

And now back to nature...

  The recent rain has filled the pond with sparkling clear waters and it is so easy to see who is living there. Having a pond is so much fun. Even if all you do is sit next to it and watch what swims by. It is a world unto itself and a life tonic to observe.

No one wants to miss a meal. The water is so inviting, if it weren't for the cold temps, we'd want to dive in.

Brunnera and Heuchera
 Have a beautiful day.

PS. It seems like Blogger is working again, but if you can't see the pics, let me know.


  1. Those last 4 pics are so beautiful...they remind me of your quilts!!

  2. I thought it looked like a garden full of heuchera. I love the foliage.
    will there still be enough shade for them?
    I yearn for a pond! It's so beautiful.

  3. I'd be sitting by that pond reading when I got home from work. Can't wait until we one day have a pond again.

  4. I'm in love with your froggie! He's so adorable, just hanging there in the water! And that last shot is drop-dead gorgeous! Love the colors together!

  5. Your new camera takes phenomenal pictures!!!!

  6. What a great idea Susan... I think Melody should do a quilt of her pond and fish!
    Love the last photo, too!

  7. Gorgeous pics! Just one missing.....Where's the pup??


  8. Pics turned our beautifully! How do you keep the Blue Heron and Egrets away from your fish? Another of my bloggers has a problem with the big birds eating her pond fish.

  9. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Your pond looks amazing! You started with a few fishes and now look at the shoal. I bet you could breed your own salmon or plaice..lol..

  10. Just beautiful! I so miss having fun working on our old place and the awesome pond we had.

  11. Kristen10:11 PM

    Will you have to take out some fish eventually? They just keep mulitplying (sp??) - I'm wondering if Mother Nature will take care of them or if you'll have to step in. They just amaze me!

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