Friday, April 22, 2011

Fast Work

The framing was finished by 3ish and then the men went back to Lowe's for the decking. I miscalculated and they were short about 4 boards. I blame my mistake on being OVEREXCITED.

I am not the only one. When they came home Dave had to try out the boards, and just lay them on the deck frame, just to see how the thing will look. The Choice-Dek was on sale 10% off, and that was a bonus. This stuff is so great, because it is recycled, no-maintenance product, with no warping and no cracking and no splinters ever! Yay!
When I woke up this morning I saw that the deck is visible from upstairs...which somehow made it even better. I don't know why.
Now I have to decide how I want the non-path sides finished. I thought I wanted stairs on the east side, but lying awake designing during the night I think I would rather there were raised planter-beds on the sides of the deck, since access is so direct on the pathway side (south side).
Mike is going to finish off the path with a wall of cottage stone to match our front planting beds, so the path will be neatly contoured with the stone and it would be a smooth transition to have beds made off that wall.
 OK, so my Photoshop skills are weak, but use your imagination...
A nice raised bed with shrubs and flowers might work. We'll have a discussion and toss around a few ideas.

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  1. I have no photo shop skills so you look good!
    It's going to be beautiful.

  2. While you are designing, consider some benches to sit in among the flower beds.

  3. JackieB8:55 AM

    I follow your blog daily and love it. Just one note about the deck. Before fastening down the decking it might be wise to put some sort of barrier, like hardware cloth, around the under side edge of the deck. Since I build my deck last year, all sorts of critters are making their home under there. Ounce of prevention... Enjoy the new deck.

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Are we going shopping for 'stuffs' for the new deck? I think so! :)


  5. NNNNNIIIIIICCCCEEEEEE! Looks great! I can see many a late afternoon tea or cold drink on that deck!

  6. What is the guy across the street building?

  7. Ohhhh, I am positively drooling over that book! Pick me!

  8. looking forward to seeing everything all decked out. what a delightful summer ahead


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