Monday, March 14, 2011

Signs of Spring II

Spring must be near since Dave has baseball practice and the hyacinth is opening. Dave joined a Chattanooga team again this year and is once again the way oldest guy on the roster. Most of the team are in their late 20's and he is a big 56. Nevertheless last summer he got Player of the Week, the game ball, most RBI's and was the winning pitcher, and all this with advanced Parkinson's. Of course he is still waiting to hear from the Chicago Cubs...ha!

Things are starting to tempt me in the garden, but it is also a story of hope and defeat. I was so excited to see a healthy thick clump of poppy leaves, but then a few days later there was a big hole in the ground where they had been growing. Grrr. Voles. On the other hand, the lilac bush I planted last year has flower buds on it!! And there are more at Wal-Mart's garden center which also look as enthusiastic. Luckily we had plenty of below freezing days this winter (what am I saying???) so they were prepped to bloom as though they lived up north. Half of our newly planted redbuds have buds and the other half are dead. Pooh. Still, there are lots more where they came from (cheaply) and can be easily replaced. I say easily because I just point and someone else puts them in.
We had our second meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild-Chattanooga on Saturday and my sister Brooke came with me. See the show and tell slide show here.  Six new quilters showed up and five from the first meeting were not in attendance, still it was a thrill to see the enthusiasm for this new guild.  While we are still a small group we are keeping the meetings to just show and tell and since we are at a quilt shop, a little shopping afterwards and then LUNCH. There is a Panera! So you who have been with me since early days will understand that eating at Panera is an important element in the fun.
Brooke and I met Mary Keasler for lunch and while they both had headcolds, it was still great. Afterwards I had to stop at the Wal-Mart next door in search of a specific paint for touch ups in our house and lo and behold the store has a HUGE fabric department. Most of the TN Wal-marts have discontinued theirs. What makes me excited is that the James Thompson DYEABLE cotton is available there. Woowoo! I just checked Dharma's website and my fave Economy Muslin is on back order as is the Mercerized Print Cloth, so finding this cotton right next door in GA is a boon. I will be returning this Wednesday to buy a bolt, and dye up some gradations...since I don't have ANY.
Which brings me to the dilemma I am now facing, AGAIN. What shall I make? Between last's month's guild meeting and this one I made two nap quilt tops, one crib quilt, finished a big art quilt, numerous pillows and quilted my bed quilt. I'm sorta dry now. There are quilts I have on my list but the enthusiasm for them is missing.
 I almost made this pillow (from Erica's Essential Suchness) but then I didn't.
Isn't it cute and doesn't it go with my Pink Spidey? But another pillow?


  1. I am going to start a Modern Quilt Group in Lansing, MI - thanks to you.......

  2. Yay for the Modern Quilt guilds. The one in Orlando is small too, but what a fun and talented group.

  3. I wish I did as much quilting as you, I love to stop by your blog its always colourful and very productive!

  4. I loved the slide show. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    Be careful about the fabric from Walmart. It is third run fabric, which means it is like the McDonalds of quilt fabric. The top run goes to quilt stores. The second run goes to places like Joanne's and the bottom run goes to discount stores. I think it is find for stuff that does not get washed and used much, but I would not put a ton of time into it, either.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. That is an amazing achievement for Dave!
    I just picked up a knitting mag with lots of spring projects. I don't usually buy magazines but there was a lot in it. It has inspired me.

  6. If you don't feel like quilting, have a break...knit, cook, garden, dye..go away for a day or two...have fun! then again, the hexagon pillow is very cute and perfect for your quilt!

  7. You should try something you've never done before... get out of your comfort range. Have you done applique? paper piecing? Or just do what you do best, and donate to a charity near and dear to your heart. Just because it is for charity doesn't mean that it has to be easy, or brown. You can do quilts the "Melody way". If you enjoyed your time making it, that should be enough. Your color choices would bring joy to any that received it.

  8. The picture of the fish pond, on Saturday, is so fantastic. I love that pond.

    I bet Chumley would really like a colorful hexagon pillow to curl up on.

    I've tried to figure it out, I've looked at the sketch and I've looked at the quilt. So I'm just going to be bold and ask the question about my favorite quilt. Is Nine Patch a whole cloth quilt or is it nine patches fused on a background?

  9. I too loved the slide show. I thought I recognised some of Brookes work there?! Have been trying to get some fabric to dye but Dharma is sold out. Seeing Chatanooga is a bit far to go for me (in Singapore) got any suggestions?

  10. Ignore everything quilt-y. And it will come back in a rush, sometimes for an unexplainable reason. Just happens! Meanwhile, enjoy the thoughts of spring planting, and enjoying the warmer days.


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