Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've been busy sewing

Curtains, headboard and two pillows for the loft bedroom. Believe me when I say I dawdled through the whole process. And I never did use the lime with white dots that I had to have when I ordered this pink dot. I'll think of something to use it for.

If you are thinking that I am reliving my childhood with these last two pink bedrooms, you would be correct, except for the fact that I never had a nice pink bedroom EVER.  In fact I can remember as a kid sleeping on surplus Army beds ( with the wire webbing instead of springs, and a ticking mattress) with khaki Army blankets for such a long time that one Christmas I asked Santa for a comforter and when I got it, I thought I had gone to heaven. It didn't itch!
Later my cousins came to live with us for several months and so my brother and I had to share a bed. He was 7 and I was 9. It was awful and there was no chance of having a girly room(s) as I am having now. It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Chumley has been feeling neglected because I am busy sewing and so he sought comfort in his own bed. Never underestimate the importance of a place of one's own to snuggle into.

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  1. I love your bed, your quilt, your pillows, your curtains the whole thing together and each thing itself. I am glad you have your girly room. There is that little girl in each of us that makes it fun when we let her out to play.

  2. This is sooooo pretty! Love all that pink and with the orange and limey green accents -- its just wonderful! And who could look at the polka dot curtains and not smile from ear to ear! We all need to enjoy our childhood whenever we can get it!

  3. I am not a big fan of pink, but I love your bedroom! It is so cheery. I had those horrible army blankets on my bed too. My gram gave me a purple bedspread for Xmas one year and I was in heaven.

  4. It's just so pretty and cozy! It makes me smile and I know you and Chumley will enjoy it tremendously!

  5. It's gorgeous Melody! I did my childhood in a boarding school so I envy you the army surplus - we had wirewove bases . . that sagged in the middle - with kapok matresses . . .

  6. I had scratchy blankies growing up too - but not army blankets - my Oma's and Tante's quilts which were hand tied, made of wool coats and suits and weighed approximately 700 pounds, and pure wool blankets, heavy, felted wool which was quite scratchy as well. (Life in Northern Ontario - you needed those heavy blankets because even with the furnace running all night, my windows were frosted over with thick rime on the *inside* all through the winter. Minus 30 will do that to you!)

    Anyway - I had pink girly bedroom when I was kid and I hated it. I wanted something calm and sophisticated. Which is what I have now. Childhood wishes indeed! :)

  7. Chumley is so cute. He looks like he loves his bed. My pug loves my bed! And thinks that it is his....

  8. Well, if you dawdled to get this done, then I must be working at nearly a dead stop! One should have a place of one's own in the colors we love. It's lovely.

  9. Looks like spring has sprung in your house! I need bright colors this time of year. Chum is the cutest! Missed your blog all weekend! I don't think you realize how many people go straight to it to find out what you have been up to everyday! Thanks for being there....

  10. So glad you finally are getting the girly bedroom. I've added a bit of pink to my world as well.

  11. oh Mel, love the girly-girl room and you really pulled it all together so nicely, and so YOU! good job...

  12. I also slept on the woven-wire bed - with very hard edges, a basic stuffed mattress, and a green military wool blanket on top. I shared a room with two sisters - a set of bunk beds and a single (I got the single because I was the oldest). I was 15 when we finished the addition on the house, and I got my own room - bright chartreuse checks on the bed, bright chartreuse paint on the walls. I never have been able to abide living in a house painted in neutral tones.

  13. I love it! It's so much fun! I always think I have a lot of color in my house, but you really have color! And you put the colors together so well.

  14. I love your bright happy colors. The room looks perfectly springy.

  15. Lovin your new bed digs. That is one good girlie room if I ever saw one. What fun to wake up to.

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