Monday, August 09, 2010

Potpourri (or just a lotta stuff)

While doing online research (work avoidance) I came across this page on Flickr. O my! I love this kind of stuff, so I had to find out who the artist is. I went to her profile and followed links to her blog and website and Ebay and Etsy and then wrote her an email. I wanted to tell her how much I love her quilts. But really.

She is Heather Bennett and her blog is and it turns out that we have met online in the way long ago past. Ha! Her work makes me want to quilt!

Kitty invasion part II.
Same chaise, different cat.
Some of you have mentioned catching the two cats and spaying them etc. Ha! They are not the stay and get petted variety. I managed to shoot this picture indoors and when I opened the door, POOF he was gone.
I remain committed to not adopting, or feeding.
Eat a chipmunk and drink out of the goldfish pond. Popeye does and if it is good enough for the old cat it is good enough for the invaders.
My first ever cantaloupe from the garden. And the last too. The vines are deceased. It looks edible no? But honestly it was tasteless. I was looking at the thing on the vine and it slipped right off into my  hand, so it was ripe. O well.  It grew to be just about as big as a softball. Underwhelming.

On the other hand, the basil is just fabulous! Finally. The Genovese variety is the best with gargantuan leaves. We have been eating pesto like crazy. Yummamente. (Pay no attention to my messy counter...I cleared it off post photo shoot. Really.)
Remember this? These are two more hosui pears that I just picked off our tree. I put the store bought plum there for size. Nice, eh? They taste good too and last a long time. Love those glossy leaves.

And look what I got on Ebay! Are these just SO ME? Apparently, as no one else bid on them.

Yes they are metallic and patent leather. By far the fanciest Reeboks ever. I am giddy with delight.

Today is the soft opening of Three Black Sheep and Diana (the owner) has asked to hang one of my quilts in her shoppe.
I am THRILLED as you might guess.
Now which one shall I choose?
O dear.
Perhaps today will be too festive to do any hanging, so I will measure the space and decide later, returning Wednesday afternoon with ladder and nails.


  1. In the netherlands, where I live, the animal protection organisation has a program to prevent stray cats from breeding and becoming a (worse) plague. If you have stray cats in your neighborhood, you can lent a catching cage. You are supposed to feed the cats for a few weeks, then stop feeding them for a few days and then put the cage out with food in it. Once the cat is in the cage (you have to be home to check on it, so the cat doesn't have to be in the cage for too long) you call the animal protection organisation. They fetch the cat, cage and all and take it to the vet, who then spays the cat. The cats stays with the animal protection organisation untill it is healed again and then it is released at the place it was caught. That way the cats do not get to breed and make new cats.

  2. Great Porpourri for a Monday ! ! !
    Your RED shoes are just GREAT ! ! !

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  3. I really love your blog, and for the red shoes they are simply divine.
    I invite you to visit my blog, and I hope you like it as much as I love these red shoes.


    -Samya ;-)

  4. Thanks for the tip on Heather Bennett. Yes,Really good stuff.
    The basil - my favorite, right up there with cilantro. YUMMMY. And the red shoes - what else could a girl want?

  5. My father in law grows mellons. He puts them into a stocking or part of the panty hose, and tyes it up to support the weight at it grows. Bigger mellons, grow more and taste better. I don't grow things very well, but if it helps...
    My dh always tells me to just dig the hole alittle deeper when I'm planting something. He says it's going to die anyways, so just bury it now.

  6. You're too sweet, Melody! Obviously your work has made me want to quilt too, since I have learned so much from reading your blog.

    Love the red shoes!


  7. Melody great rouge potpourri and shoes too. I hope you post about the quilt for the shop display soon. Take care....

  8. I can just imagine something wonderful and turquoisey against that red wall. Very cool news.

    Love those shoesies

  9. I can smell that basil all the way over here!

  10. Anonymous9:49 PM

    it is cruel and irresponsible to leave cats that have been abandoned to starve and suffer like that. they are obviously used to having a home or they would not make themselves at home on your furniture.

    since you are obviously not an animal lover, the least you could do is follow the recommendations of the lady with the first comment.

    come on Melody have a heart. ;)

  11. I once tried to catch a wild cat and put her in a cage. Thank goodness I put on my leather gloves but now I know what Explode! means. Needless to say, she won.

    Love the red shoes. I have a pair of red loafer like shoes and since they are my favorites I have worn a hole through the toe. The reason you like Heather's quilts is that they look so much like yours!

  12. Last summer we tried to rescue a part wild cat with a cage and food. Two $15 co pay later, for 2 bites and various scratches, plus tetanus injections, an antibiotic injection and a course of oral anti b's - was the thanks! My thumb turned bright red started swelling and the doctor was very concerned and it still feels tingly at times! Leather gloves would have helped.

    I'm sorry about your melon - we had a self seeded one and I was so excited, wondering how long before I could pick it. The raccoons got there first and ate half and I guess must have come back for the rest!


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