Thursday, January 21, 2010


At knitting yesterday our guild president brought in this adorable felted purse (and wore that AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS SWEATER) and we all ooohed and ahhed over the cuteness of this purse. It was made from an existing sweater, felted, cut and sewn to make this item.

The flowers, also so adorable where cut from strips of the felted wool and applied by hand. The striped bottom (perfect!) was the yoke of the former sweater. The straps of twisted yarn were slipped through holes in the purse and because it is felt the holes held the straps securely.
I admit I am usually not much of a felt lover, and yet this one piqued my interest enough to dig out my camera. Something about the cleverness or recycleability of the old sweater sent a zing through my mind.
But it ended there. When it comes to purses, I usually leave mine in the car.

Here's my dear old purse and you can see it is tiny. I like it because it fits snugly in the door pocket of my van, out of sight, but handy should I get pulled over and need to get my license out quickly. (never happens, but you know, just in case).
I have nothing in there but 11 dollars, some change and my IDs, a pen, and credit cards...2 which I usually only take one into the store with me. What else does one need?
I learned to pare down what I carry when I was on the road teaching. The supplies I brought to class were enough lugging and I wore a small cloth pocket around my neck with my room keycard, a few dollars and my credit card. I left the rest at home and found I never needed it.


  1. Love the felted purse!!! You leave your purse in the car???OMG!!

  2. I just finished purple and lime mittens. Maybe felted flowers would go well on the back of the hands... Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love that orange bag!

    --If you carry a small purse, you never have to tote anyone else's junk. I make and buy only tiny purses!

  4. I quit carrying big purses when it started hurting my shoulder. I carry a very small shoulder strap. Big enough for kleenex, credit card holder, a couple of pens, a little notebook, keys and my cell.

  5. Great felted purse! I too carry a small purse that crosses my body and leaves my hands free.

  6. You are all so good - so restrained! I carry a honking huge backpack with enough stuff in it to keep me happy and healthy for a week. It has so many pockets that everything has it's own place. I can't help it. I'm just a "more is not nearly enough" kind of girl.

    Oh wait! It just occurred to me. I don't drive and therefore do not have a car to leave everything in! I feel somewhat better now.

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