Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Carats

Is this not the tiniest carrot? I pulled it out of the garden and just had to show you what a miserable a gardener I am. This one escaped the voles, but growing in the shade all summer does not a carrot make. I am currently rethinking my entire garden.

Sewing Results: Best 2 out of 3

I should have known better. The drop shoulders were a dead giveaway which I chose to ignore, at my own peril. Looks great in the pattern, but made up, it really was designed for shoulder pads. And really, really slouchy without them. Luckily the fabric was something worthy of just trying this out, so I am not upset that it was a fashion disaster. I will not complete this garment.

This pattern, at least was purchased this century and worked out just beautifully.

I made the coat from black two-sided fleece, the expensive kind that won't pill. The hood was deleted since it would interfere with all the showy scarves and shawls I have made. Sometimes simpler is best. And it has pockets! And one perfect button. Still needs large coat snaps which I will pick up today in town.

The same pattern yielded the plain blue t-shirt, which fits like a dream and is also so basic to make a nice backdrop for knits.

I love Wednesdays. Knitting Club, lunch with Brooke and of course, shopping!


  1. Gorgeous coat. I love it!

  2. Beautiful coat and that cowl is such gorgeous colors. Perfect.

  3. Tammy V.10:24 AM

    Everything is beautiful !! Just wondering - how do you finish the neckline on the T-shirt? Can't quite see it in the picture? It looks like you just let the material roll over or is there a facing? Thanks so much !!

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

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  5. Beautiful coat and t-shirt! And of course the cowl scarf is lovely with the shirt!

    Kristin F. in SC

  6. Welcome to the shady side of the street. It's where I live too -=- not garden, no flowers.
    The only color is gazing globes!

  7. Mel, do you use a serger or special machine to work with knits as in the lovely blue t-shirt? I've never bothered to sew with knits because I thought I didn't have the right machine, or the skill set. Your black jacket is the bomb! Had to laugh at the 2 carats...funny.

  8. Tammy V.
    I serged the neckline and then rolled it over and top stitched it down. No facing. Other finishes are using a strip of the knit fabric, and doing a French binding (google French Binding for instructions).

  9. Oooh, I wish I could have a coat like that! But don't abandon the other one - I thought shoulder pads were back in fashion?

  10. Well... isn't that just the cutest little carrot?!?! I fight the voles, too. This year, my DH is building me some raised beds. I am going to line the bottom with tight chicken wire (or maybe screen) and staple it securely to the bottom of the raised beds before filling them with soil. That should take care of the underground varmints-- then I just have to worry about deer!

    I love your blog. I own a quilt shop, and quilting is my passion. But knitting is my "hobby". I knit in the car and when I'm on vacation. Your work inspires me!


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