Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking for something that I knew I had, I began to put stuff away, removing the clutter so I could see where that thing might have gone. As I took away all the finished knits I had piled everywhere, I had difficulty stuffing all the things in the drawer. Hmm. Then I put all the fabric back into the Rubbermaids, and stacked them into a tower five bins tall. I have enough fabric. I have enough yarn. I have enough art supplies, and I have enough finished artwork, I have enough clothes, socks, pajamas, coats, mittens, scarves, etc. I have more than enough quilts!
I have enough of everything.
While I am thankful for it all, I am left thinking that making more of this stuff is nutty.
I have sold stuff, and given away stuff and made stuff for people and think that this has to be stepped up a bit. There is just no more room here for more stuff.
So...I have to change my thinking and figure out who, how and where new stuff will have to go.
Because I do have to keep making stuff.


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have an embarrassment of riches, and have started to share the wealth. Luckily I have a large family, lots of siblings, nieces and nephews, great- nieces and nephews and I haven't "used up" that resource yet.

  2. When you find the answer, please share.

  3. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Melody, at one time I asked myself how would I feel if we had a house fire and all my stuff burned. At that point I started to give my finished things (not nearly as many as you have, I'm sure)--to siblings and a few very close friends. It makes you think about which of your things you value most. . .

    Mary G. in Chicago

  4. I've slammed head-first into this wall several times in my career and it's a real OUCH moment. The question for me ultimately boils down to this: "How do I justify continuing to use the resources I do in creating my work when I'm not all that keen to brother trying to sell any of it?"

    For me, he answer is deceptively simple. I don't try. Art is a force of nature in my life, I can't not have it, I can't not make it, even if I'm 80 and it's stacked to the ceiling.

  5. and then there´s always charity, there are so many people out there who aren´t as blessed as we are, and many of them could surely use something warm and cozy and even better if it´s pretty too.
    best wishes from Iceland

  6. Phew, that last line of your post is a relief to read! It almost sounded as you were going to throw in the towel with creating work! It is the doing of it that brings you joy, and I'm sure you could get more Rubbermaid bins to put the finished things into until you figure out what to do with it all:)

  7. You remind me so of myself. Nice to know I have such good company. I am waiting now to try out that Poncho once the Christmas gifts are finished. You know the drill down to the wire...

  8. So true. I would suggest Etsy, too. Otherwise, I'm sure you have lots of friends who would treasure your work. Or you could rotate it around your house. Or, better yet, somehow get a one-woman show going with pieces of all your paintings, quilts and knit pieces! Maybe a good project for you and Brooke to work on!!!

    And.......I love that the latest sock is at the bottom of my page as I type. The colors make me so happy!!!!

  9. Oh, thank god you're not going to stop making things. I was holding my breath through the whole post hoping the pretty new things wouldn't stop. :)

  10. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Melody, find a cause and donate to them when you are in your "what to do with stuff mood"!!!
    You have to create and design and teach and all those things... Retirement didn't give you permission to ever stop doing what you do.
    Your students, public and eager blog readers would protest!!!
    Erase those thoughts from your mind. We love you and what you do.

  11. Keep making stuff, that's all that matters. And when you come across someone and that little voice inside says "bless them with something of yourself..." then do it. And when I open my next gallery I *WILL* be calling!! So get crackin! =)

  12. I spent today going through some "things' that I have collected. I am giving them as gifts to people who I hope will treasure them and remind them of me.

  13. Whew! You had me worried there for a minute! But I do know what you mean. I bought fabric for a baby quilt this week-end - I do not know of anyone expecting a baby for this quilt but I do feel the need to make it. I can see the finished quilt in my head - it exists there - and I need to get it out. I will enjoy making it and someday I will enjoy giving it!

  14. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Ok Mel,
    I wanted to share something I did tonight as I am working on lightening all the stuff I have. My mom, who is 82 and getting into the last stages of Alzheimers, made my First Communion dress. I have kept it all these years. I haven't known what to do with it but felt by hanging on to it, I was holding on to a part of her former self...tonight I cut a piece of it and am going to put it in my art journal and I threw the rest away. I had a few tears of anguish at first but then felt so much better after I put the rest of it in the trash can. She isn't the dress...I didn't throw away my memories or her.

  15. Anonymous9:58 PM

    These sox are so ugly. Who in their right mind would wear them? Certainly no one with any sense of style.

  16. These socks are beautiful! I have an artist friend who collects and wears statement-making socks. She would love these! Email me for details.

    (Now for the Anonymous comment: If you have to hide behind "Anonymous" then you can't expect to be taken seriously.)

  17. Well, my sock drawer is nearly empty, so I would graciously volunteer to host any handknit socks at my house indefinitely --- no charge of course! LOL


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