Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Doesn't the sewing machine look sad?
Change can sometime arrive internally and other times it is instigated by events. I am expecting a visit today or tomorrow from quilt artist Anne Lullie and her husband, and at the same time my sister Brooke was going to spend the day in the studio with me. This meant a bit of housecleaning. A bit is an exaggeration. Since I have been sitting on my derriere, just knitting, for a couple of weeks, the house has gone to the cats. I'd say dogs, but it is the cat fur that has gotten out of hand. So I knew I had to vacuum, and that led to other stuff, and soon I had spent the whole day cleaning the house...except for the studio. THE MOST IMPORTANT ROOM.
So at 4:15am this morning I made a pot of tea and got back to work.

The feng shui of this room is difficult to get right. Three doors. But against all that is feng, I turned my table so that it faces West and the TV, stereo and the other two doors, and that puts my back facing the back door. May this produce auspicious results.

Now I have a clear path to walk and a good view of the art I need to be quilting.
Part of what has stimied me about quilting that new work is that I was unhappy about the room arrangement. Duh. So easy to change.

Good view, eh? And so close to the spa.
The fabric table is ready for making decisions...gosh isn't there anymore fabric to chose from?

Nothing like having a cleared off work surface. Keiko Goke's new book is calling out to me. And I continue to be obsessed with the new work on Robin Ferrier's blog.


But first...the laundry.


  1. I love when you post pics of your studio! I would think it would be very hard for guests to get any work done. I'd be sitting and staring and enjoying looking at all your work and don't think I could do much else!!!! I also love seeing the latest quilt that was "rejected" by the client! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!! It's so gorgeous!

  2. Susan,
    I really don't expect most of my guests to work in my studio. My sister will be however. Or at least that's the plan. We haven't ever worked on the same project together before.

  3. Come clean my studio, please? Please? I'll give you more fabric if you do (I see you don't have nearly enough lol).

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Yay! Nothing like a visit from a couple of arty friends to get creativity kicked up a notch!

  5. Well, my sewing machine looks more sad than yours-at least I think so since I can't seem to locate it right this moment. The new room will have two doors and many windows so I am thinking about the feng shui as well. Where did you get that large fabric table? Gad...I need so many things to be done....sigh

  6. Photos of your studio with all those wonderfully colorful pieces always make me feel like I've had a vacation day. THANKS!

  7. Who else but Melody would blog her dirty laundry! SMIRK

  8. Hi Melody, I'm curious as to what Keiko's new book is titled and where you found it for sale.


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