Saturday, November 14, 2009

My First Mittens

Hard to believe that I have avoided mittens all this time. Something about wanting to make mittens as Christmas gifts a few years ago and being told by a friend "No one wears mittens" stopped me dead in my tracks. But it was nippy the other day and I wished I had a pair stashed in my car for the ice cold steering wheel I faced. So I scoured Ravelry (that addictive knitting site) and found this easy pattern. Vroom, one hour later (big fat yarn and big fat needles) I had my mitten done. Yawn. Where was the challenge? Even the dreaded thumb turned out to be nothing tricky. Sigh. I want a puzzle.

Back to Ravelry where I found just the thing. Mitered Mittens!! Woowoo.
O oh. No pattern.
How hard could it be?

Out comes the scrap yarns and after a few false starts I think I have deduced the directions.

The front and back of my version of the mittens, with just a couple of triangles and a cuff to add.
The yarn is worsted, and they are VERY warm. Especially since today it will be in the 70's.
But I am happy to have an interesting project since I plan to attend a new knitting club today. This is the one I sussed out last week which meets at the artisanal bread store/cafe Niedlov's across the street from where my sister works.
If I were a novel writer I couldn't have come up with a more serendipitous location. You know how I love bread, and this place is way kool, (free wi-fi) and with any luck I may meet some new friends who are nutty for knitting too. I'm bringing my camera.


  1. Can't wait. See you there.

  2. diane9:05 AM

    Lots of people still use mittens and I love the ones you have come up with! When it's really terribly cold and I have to go outside and work I wear a pair of gloves and then put mittens over top of them and my hands stay toasty warm. Probably not a problem you would have in Tennessee!

  3. I want to hear all about your new knitting group ! !
    We just started a knitting/crocheting group and meet monthly at our local Panera. There are so many knitters and crocheter who are looking for just a group.
    Most of us don't know each other and so many ideas and techniques are exchanged. Lots of Inspirtion and Motivation ! ! !
    Have fun ! ! ! !

  4. Joan in Michigan11:00 AM


  5. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves do. They may not look as cool and sophisticated as some gloves do, but I'd rather have warm hands, and in Minnesota in the winter, that's not always easy to do!

  6. Those mittens are fabuloso! How clever you are to figure them out! After making myself some gloves out of alpaca, I just might need some mittens to go over them!
    They make great gifts, too...


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