Monday, November 02, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Tiny

"K "yarn pictured
I was just shopping around online (I must control myself!) and got back to a site I had ordered from in the past. Click. I ordered 2000 yds. of Superwash Merino sock yarn ($43.05 total) on Thursday and it arrived by priority mail on Saturday. This really brightened my rainy day. I am jubilant because this yarn matches the twist and weight of a certain way more expensive yarn (pictured) that we all know and love (starts with a K) and now I have found a source! I will be dyeing this of course. I have all the stuff, acid dyes, vinegar, and a microwave, but I also have some neon food colors with which I plan to play.

And then on the other end of the spectrum of delight...I recently purchased a big divided double skein of hand dyed and hand spun merino and tencel, which was the most expensive yarn I have ever purchased. Don't ask. I couldn't wait to use it and immediately wound it into two cakes, as it was already two skeins...One weighed a few tenths more than the other so I believed I would be fine knitting another Baktus Scarf starting with the smaller cake until it ran out and then joining the larger cake. But I ran out of yarn with the heavier second cake. How can this be? I did mention it is hand spun, which I conclude means that it VARIES in weight and thickness A LOT. Hrummpf.
I have several options, including frogging it back and reknitting it as a smaller version, but essentially I have concluded that it is not going to work as I had hoped. One skein knits up best on a size 8 needle and the other works great on a size four. So I will end up using it in concert with companion yarns, for two different projects. Sigh. I am already feeling better.
And then just for fun I knit a bootie. Aren't they the cutest tiniest little things? Mine is the blue green one, the directions for the orange ones are found here. There are no babies on the horizon here, but should one emerge I have just the item in mind to make him or her. I must try this in big girl's size.


  1. If you're really ambitious you could knit every other two rows from the opposite skein on size 8's and have a neat texture.

  2. I've got the knitting bug too -- I've got two Baktus scarves going and yesterday started another scarf with a simple cable pattern. Just knitting was getting boring! I rummaged in my basement and found a million UFOs -- including one lovely Fair Isle sleeve and the beginnings of a body of a sweater to go with the sleeve! I took a class about that two handed Fair Isle Knitting -- what fun that was. Good going with that yarn buy -- I shall look forward to your dyeing sessions with that:) I have two raglan sweaters on the go from ages ago, and just need to spend some time knitting on those as well. Starting stuff is more fun than finishing!! CUTE booties:)


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