Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baktus Beret

The yarn made me do it.
I still had leftovers of my hand dyed sock yarn and the rest of the bin of colors from my Simon Cowl, so why not make a matching hat? I got the idea from this hat that had this picot edge and as a last resort I read the directions and that told me how to do it. I changed it to garter and two colors so it would coordinate. Make the band first (try it on to fit our your head) and pick up stitches along the finished closed band. Then knit a while, like maybe two inches and divide evenly for decreases. I had 147, which made seven sections of 21 stitches to start.

O yeah. You take a picture this early in the morning...
I love those spiraling decreases. The link to the hat that inspired me is not available except as a Ravelry download, so interested parties must join Ravelry to get it.
Back to the quilting: In order to have a feel for what I am doing I make a careful sketch, and then totally disregard it as I begin to make the design. I had the autumnal colors in mind, but this combo ended up looking more like Spring than November. Not enough burnished reds, oranges and darker greens. O well.


  1. That is some hat! It makes you look at least 15 years younger!
    Really cute.

  2. I've decided that on rainy days, I'm going to just leave your blog open on my screen. It always radiates sunshine, Melody!

  3. LOVE your charming hat and Simon! (Simon Cowl - LOL!) I look at your sewing and think I need to get back to the quilt studio. You are always an inspiration!

  4. Spring colours are okay with me. Here in the north, we all want spring to come, quickly!

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Melody....I just love all the color. It's like wearing a rainbow. Hope you find a pot of gold along the way.

  6. These colours make me so very happy! I would love a blanket in the spiral design with same colours. Oh ya, baby, that would be gorgeous.// The patchwork looks fab. // We are pleased.

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  8. Oh, Melody, you are having too much fun with those needles! Your entire post is full of color and inspiration! Very joyful. Thanks for including your sketch!

  9. Wow, you knit these up fast! :)

    Your colour combos on your quilts make me breathless. I remember the first time I saw Leaf Light (I think it was that one?) in Quilting Arts, I just stared and stared for over half and hour - just staring and absorbing the colours and energy from that picture. It spoke to me like no other quilt I'd ever seen. This new piece you're working on also jumped out at me - I love your work.

  10. Love the hat, Mel! And the quilt colors are so citrusy (word?) and light looking. Love it!

  11. Love that hat -- the band especially with the little picot blobs. So neat that the yarn made stripes! I love the new pieced quilt in progress, too. Very spring like. But in the drear of late fall and winter, they are probably good friendly and cheerful colors to work with. Have you ever messed with that Triangles on a Roll stuff -- I Just did and it's slick -- the paper is easy to tear off the back and you get oh so ever so accurate half square triangles and those four triangley things (like Broken Dishes)!

  12. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I really really really love that hat! Care to make a few and sell on your blog? I'd really really really love to own one. LOL...thanks in advance!

  13. Anonymous9:02 PM

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  20. Anonymous4:57 PM

    That pattern (PICOT EDGE HAT) is NO LONGER available on REVELRY. Could you give us a PRINTED version of it


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