Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where I went wrong and how I got it right

The idea is that one makes a hexagon as the top of the beret, starting from the outer edge and decreasing to the center.
Then one casts on stitches and picks up more along the edge to form the first mitered square.
Mitered squares are then knit all around the center hexagon forming the crown of the beret.
(this would have worked had I continued, but this didn't match the hat I was trying to reproduce for the pattern.)
HOWEVER I was supposed to be making eight mitered squares first and then make a closed circle of those and fill in the center with stitches

These eight squares are joined with a three needle bind off and then stitches are picked up along the tops of each square.

The top is knit with triangular decreasing and ending with a top knot of I-cord.

This looks like a little hat in itself, but of course when the rest of the hat is knit from this starter and blocked it will flatten out and look less pointy.

What I learned: Making a pattern isn't as easy as I thought. I really appreciate the patience it takes to do this right.

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Are all quilters knitting now? I know that I have taken it up again as an extension of my fiber art. My favorite projects are socks in all the new self-patterning yarns. They knit up so quickly and are easier to work on while watching TV than are art quilts, where you ponder and decide and sew.

  2. Hey Melody...send me some berets! Those are wonderful....I am serious...if you are making them...I'll try to sell them here at the gallery...its gonna be getting cold soon!


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