Monday, September 28, 2009

Moebius *My Way

Oohh, this was oodles of fun and so much less of a hassle to knit it flat and join it later.

I used a provisional crochet cast-on and some superwash merino, either dk or sock weight and size 10.5 needles. The yarn was almost slippery and I kept unknitting rows and reknitting them because I got lost in the pattern. But really, it is a super easy pattern. One row, repeat and repeat. It's the One Row Lace Scarf.

A scarf so nice, I made it twice. This one was much much easier, being a bit heavier yarn. 50% Kid mohair, 50% Merino Oak Grove Yarns in Vermont. Yummamente.

It's still lacy but will be a tad bit more draft resisting in this yarn. You may think...What is Melody doing with those colors? (no fuchsia, turquoise or orange?) I found this yarn and lots of other hand dyed colors at a quilt show back when I was teaching in PA several years ago. I bought one of each of all the colors and couldn't quite work this into anything I was currently making. But I LOVE this yarn. So finally I found this project to use it.

Here's how I made a moebius from a flat scarf. Using the provisonal cast on stitches and the live stitches I gave the scarf a twist and did a three needle bind off to join. Simple. And the 'seam' gets hidden in the folded end. Which also is a nice place to keep your car keys.

That's not too icky lookin' is it?


  1. Gorgeous, Melody! I don't knit, so I'm skipping over knit-talk, but I love the results AND the colors! Someday I'll learn how to use those needles...

  2. Love it! Looks like it worked out just fine.

  3. Both came out great, and I love the colors. Sweet!

  4. Ursula10:26 AM

    I want to make one too :)
    Why did you not join it with the Kitchener stitch like you were planning to? Is the 3 Needle Bind-off

  5. Ursula, the kitcher was too difficult with the yarn overs involved and things kept slipping and getting me angry. So to fix that I ended the scarf in a row of knitting and that looked noticeable and would have to be hidden in the fold anyway, so why not do the 3 needle bind off. It is stronger in this case, but I was just out of patience.

  6. I love this, Mel. It LOOKS like something I could handle, and it would be so much fun to wear!

  7. i particularly like the blue one

  8. Oh, Melody, I like this way so much better! Thanks for sharing YOUR way.

  9. Hey Melody,

    You're so busy!! I love every new adventure and can't wait to get up and check out your blog. Have you checked out this website? Interesting!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  10. thanks for this--I have been trying to decipher the ones that twist as they are made (huh? I'm beyond it I am afraid) this looks do-able. My one question: where do the car keys go?

  11. very tempting to try to use up some one my handspun, just need to learn to knot!


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