Friday, August 14, 2009

Revisiting FAVE Quilts

The Bon Bon Series
January 19-February 12, 2008
This series was so enjoyable to make and since I have two of them hanging in my bedroom, I see them everyday and smile. And because I have a new gallery that wants both my paintings and quilts, I looked around for inspiration and it didn't take long for the ol' lightbulb to turn on.
What worked with these quilts was that I could make parts and more parts and then decide on a layout. Simple? Yes. But besides that, they could incorporate tons of similar colors which made me ever so happy. I finally got it about working in a series too. Another serendipity.
Now the challenge is to make them smaller, like 15", not necessarily miniature versions, but essentially the same, only simpler. Whatever that means. And each one could have a color theme, like lime green, orange, turquoise, pink, etc.
O goodie!


  1. So fabulous to have a new project! I'm eager to see how they turn out.

  2. Teresa9:48 AM

    Those are some of my favorit quilts. I love that they can be pieced or fused. I would love to piece a similar one - with MY hand dyed fabrics of course!!!

  3. I love this work.

    There are many parts of these that could easily stand alone (being smaller works in themselves)....

    Any of the corners of the blue/purple work could stand alone....

  4. These are wonderful. I am simply crazy about your colors. What a bold and great talent you have.

  5. Ooh! Can't wait to see!

  6. These are really some of my favorites of your work -- so delightful to see them again!

  7. It's that blue one that caught my attention when I looked over your work the first time. It's still one of the most stunningly beautiful things I've ever seen!


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