Monday, February 23, 2009

No Fear Deer

Five eating machines have invaded my shade garden. Grrrr. There go my hosta and heuchera which cost real money. Double grrr.

I went out on the porch to shoo them away, but they wanted to make sure I meant it.
Waiting until I went back into the house. I outlasted them and they finally left. There is a great field across the road where they can eat to satisfaction, but nooooo. They gotta have Mel's gourmet garden. Grrr.
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  1. You are going to have to hang some Green Screen bags around......I've used then the last 2 years and they seem to work.

  2. We had this problem at our home in Sonoma County. I used to spray the plants with "Not Tonight, Deer". I think it is made from Coyote urine. The problem is, every time it rains, you have to go spray again. I have also heard that moth balls are effective.

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Forget the mothballs....don't work. Either have Dave "water" the plants or I'll send Kaiser down. He'd LOVE to play with the deer. I used to hang old CD's from tree branches but they only work if it's windy....Any of the deer repellents with urine work well but they smell REALLY bad until they dry and yes, you do have to reapply after rain....


  4. Don't have a solution, just a commiseration. I choose 'deer-proof' plants when I am gardening. Last time I did that, the deer thought I was planting 'deer-salad'. Meanwhile, there is no law against throwing corn on your driveway yet, so we are having drought and overpopulation from well meaning people. My gardens are looking a bit barren.

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    There is only 1 solution to this, a big freezer in the garage and a shotgun, everyone seems to own guns there anyways....even the kids are shooting. Venison should be a yummy Sunday lunch.

  6. I could loan you Hope and Midse, my two border collies who have made all my deer visitors vanish *poof!*

  7. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Get yourself some fireworks (Lady Fingers) and set off a bunch of them when you see deer on or near your property. (If they think they are being shot at on a regular basis while on or near your property they will start staying away) or Get yourself a well trained Rat Terrier (or some other Terrier or Herding dog breed), the problem is you have train the dog to stay out of the rural highway near your house. You don't need a big dog. My 10lb rat terrier/min pin mix and my 30lb german pin keep the deer off my 5 acres of land.

  8. I think you might have yourself a new hobby, here. Either chase the deer away whenever they show up, or be amused by all the different suggestions your blog readers leave.
    It could be worse.

  9. Anonymous7:21 PM

    'tis the season, they are looking for anything resembling food they can find! You might try checking with your local extension service, or local gardening club for suggestions for your area...

    One person about a mile away from my house has used chicken wire to "cage" his flower beds. I live "in town" - 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots, suburbian - and the deer come especially at the end of winter and in the fall.

  10. I live in town near a park and the deer are a problem in the garden. Here are a couple of ideas. Hang Irish spring soap at the deer's nose level - they don't like the smell. There is also a product called liquid fence. I guess it is expensive but it works according to a lady who works at a garden center. Now I have not tried these two remedies yet - they are on the list for this year. Chasing does not work - what you have to do is stare them down and stomp your foot a couple of times. If you watch them, stomping there front foot is what they do-for what - I don't know. I have used this technique and when they see me they run! It may take awhile, but don't back down once you started or they think you are not the boss. Keep repeating the stomp esp. when you see them stomp them back and keep staring at them. I have never had one charge me - people have said they may - but I stand up on my deck when I do this. The only thing is the sneaky bast--ds come back at night and snack! Good luck!

  11. The product that has the coyote urine works like a dream. It smells like a nightmare for a about a day but then either the smell disapates to our nostrils (or maybe our noses are so damaged we think it goes away...). The deer chomped our hosta down till they looked like celery stalks - and you know....they don't grow those beautiful leaves back. So two years ago we got the urine product and have saved the hosta. And many other deer delicasies that we have managed to purchase. Good luck!

  12. You can forget your hosta kiddo
    ;-( and what sucks they usually snap it at stems and leave the leaves
    ;-(((((((( good luck if you really find a solution make sure to post it!


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