Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have a date
Today I am going to have a lunch date at Panera with a gal from my knitting group. Her name is Kathy and she invited me! Am I excited? YOU BET!
I am excited because this is just why I joined these groups, to meet people of like minds. She is also a quilter, retired, and a former Northerner. There seems to be a lot of us refugees from the ice and snow living down here.
I am not going to do anything about the deer. This is the only time they have actually come into the garden and I caught them before much damage was done. The hosta are safe, since they haven't even emerged yet. I can't say the same for my heuchera. O well. It's the voles that are the real destroyers. Grrr.
A reader asked how I price my quilts: A daily quilt is $250 and it takes all day. That is why I call it a daily quilt. If it takes two days, then it is $500, etc. Larger pieces, which really I don't make much anymore, take longer and cost more.
Another reader asked if I would consider doing a book of my quilts. I usually brush this kind of thing off, but now there are lots of ways a person can do a picture book, inexpensively and not have a garage full of copies with no buyers. Let's just say I am considering it.
I need to have a purpose, and making quilts specifically for a book does sound like a purpose, a little bit anyway. O I know I could just use what I have already made, but then those have already been seen, or sold and so there would be no surprises or unveilings or a need to make new work. I would want a cohesive theme of some kind, series be the thrust of the book. So what is that? Who knows. But I will be thinking about this for a while... And this will be a picture book, not an instruction book. Instruction books abound. Here's the gist. Fuse, cut, press.


  1. As an avid reader of your blog (although usually a lurker), I would love to see you compile a book of your quilts (past, present or future)! Nancy Crow has a few catalogs of exhibitions (Crossroads, Improvisational Quilts, and Nancy Crow) that could serve as a model (minus the pontifications of curators, of course). And she includes "work in progress" photos that are so enjoyable, like your photos of dyed fabrics. So go for it and I'll be one of your first customers.

    P.S. A while back I sent you a package of prints, and I have enjoyed seeing how you've used them. Especially the LA fabric with the yellow/orange guy with sunglasses.

  2. I do admire that you have a consistent style and no nonsense approach to creating and finishing. It really can be that simple. Pick a theme, any theme will do, and your consistent style would be enough in and of itself.

    Purely motivated by the greed of looking,

  3. What about compiling a book of your quilts AND paintings? That would be cool.

    Kristin in SC

  4. Oh, how I'd love to meet you for lunch! And I'm thrilled that you are considering a book, a retrospective would be incredible to see how your work has developed over your lifetime, but a book of current work with a theme would be awesome as well. You could use your spring garden as an inspiration. Oh, and I'd like a signed copy please, don't care what it costs!

  5. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Melody, let me put in my vote for a book of your works--paintings and quilts. In fact, I want two books: a retrospective of your career as an artist, and a book of current works. I too like to see works in progress (although yours are not in progress for very long).

    Picture books. Yes. This is about inspiration, not copying. We don't need instructions.

    Your work has always been inspiring to me, from the first time I saw it back in the early 90s. I love to see how artists develop and change.

    Mary G. in Chicago
    (Owner of three Melody Johnson paintings)

  6. Mel, I have the perfect place for you to create it and people can just order a copy. We must talk....

  7. I agree with Kristin, quilts, and paintings! Ooh, don't forget to include pictures of your house, garden... sources of inspiration... you know, all that good stuff! Robin

  8. Yes, there are heaps of books out there, but none from YOU yet!

    I think that what makes your quilts so great is your control of colour and line - perhaps you could try to explain that - the design process and design decisions you make and why . . .

    Thanks a heap for sharing your journey,


  9. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Googled an idea about the voles. Half gallon plastic jugs with a small hole near the top, full of water, with several mothballs in each, buried to the holes, 8 feet apart. Said to repel voles. I have seen the mothballs cast out on the ground a day or two before a party to keep insects at bay, that works. The water jug I haven't tried, but mothballs don't dissolve in water, it seems to be a plan to make them last longer.


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