Friday, February 27, 2009


It may be still be February where you are, but here at the Mexican Chalet, it is Gardentime!

OK these are forced daffodils, but the ones in my garden are about to open. I would show you, but it is raining cats and dogs which is a good thing since I spent my energies outdoors yesterday and rain equals enforced rest.

Garden Report:

The peonies I planted last year are surfacing with red leaf buds. A few have not made it and I will have to augment them with live plants in a few months, so as not to have holes in the peony wall.

In the fall I bought a big pot of hydrangea and I checked to see if it made it through the winter. Huge green buds at the base of the wood. Woowoo! This will be the biggest hydrangea in our yard...wherever I can find a good spot to put it.

The Clematis all have tiny leaves already, or leaf buds if I have previously removed old wood.

The thyme is green.

Iris and Daylilies are up and green and many more than last year.

Tulips are visible, one inch or more.

Dave spent hours picking up dead branches and twigs, which is a job that never ends. During the winter about four trees came down and they will have to be sawed into moveable chunks. One just missed our above ground water pump. One must be vigilant with these trees, or disaster could occur.

I cut back some liriope and uncovered space for new shoots. The old blades went onto my Lasagna Gardening spot. I added straw, leaves and soil from old planters and it is getting lots of rain now. I plan on making it grow something this year.

So for today I will rest the muscles and reevaluate my plan to make a quilt a day...


  1. And we had an ice storm last night and it is cold and windy with no grass in sight! :(

  2. Oh your flowers are so cute! And look at two of them watching out the window for Spring! <3

  3. Don't give up on those peonies yet. I have 43 plants and there is a 2 week span between the early and late bloomers.

    We got 2" of rain last night. I'm glad that wasn't snow.

  4. Rain? Goodness, I can't remember the last time we had a good rain here in southern New Mexico ;(

    Love your color wheel (although I will challenge you on the placement of the hot pink between orange and golden yellow ;p)

  5. Oh, I'm jealous of your early gardening. It's supposed to snow a little here in Northern Kentucky this weekend.


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