Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fused, machine quilted and hand stitched.

I am dying to get my hands in the dirt, even if our dirt is mostly red clay, very close to the colors of this quilt. Not the green part.
I am using a thicker thread to quilt this piece. Size 12 Sulky cottons. Supple, shiny and heavier than most. I even used it doubled to embroidered the light green square above.
See all three of the newest pieces here.


  1. They all have a little different feel to them but I confess that I am partial to that brown/red piece. Funny that you mentioned the soil-after we came back from Kauai several years ago I made a quilt based on the dirt color (rust)and bright grass color (green).

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    This one has such a different feel but is also beautiful. I went to a small art gallery/hair salon (yes, a strange combination) opening last night. I started thinking of your studio. One wall could be set up as a gallery with the names of the pieces on a label beside it, just like I saw last night. Then as you sell a piece you could eventually replace it with a new one. Your work is so phenomenal it deserves a beautiful setting.

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I am partial to the "warmer" colors for myself but everything you do is beautiful!

    I use Sulky and Madeira threads to do machine embroidery! They are so silky and turn out gorgeous.


  4. I love the red clay piece... I don't think I've seen toned oranges in your work before. Did you try out this color with the aquas in your second piece? The tone on tone dots work for me, the black on blue don't. IMHO. Robin

  5. I love the colors in this. Well, I usually love all your colors, but this feels so rich. You'll get green there soon enough.

  6. Just curious, did you run the #12 thread thru your machine or do bobbkin drawing with it? And if thru the machine, did you use 2 spools or run it thru double. Inquiring mind wants to know.

  7. Louise,
    I ran it through my machine, singly, with a #80 needle. No problems. For handwork, I used it double.

  8. Yes, this is our Melody singing in tune. The solids are yours. I love it! And also the one in your Saturday's posting.

  9. I'm in ove with this piece. It's so rich and intense. Gorgeous!

  10. Sooooo rich and lovely! Are you going to start some seeds indoors? Do you need a chia pet? LOL!

  11. I really love the contrast between the browns and the rest of the piece. That's what makes it work so beautifully!

  12. Anonymous8:08 AM

    You have become a daily inspiration to me, Morning coffee and Fibermania. Just want to say thanks!

  13. I love that color palette. Red clay is so strange, it covers NC too. I was so surprised when I stepped in some slightly damp soil and couldn't get it off my shoe. It was as bad as stepping in dog poo, lol. It is really a beautiful color though.

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