Sunday, May 13, 2007

Red Square Stack

Red Square Stack
Hand dyed cottons, fused, hand and machine quilted

Taking advantage of the circles already appearing in the green dyepainted fabric, I continued the circle theme in the quilting design.

Since I had made so many smaller pieces this year, when it came to making a larger piece, I figured that I would work it out the same way, only using larger pieces of fabric in the construction. It worked!
I had a few stumbles, and the way I put things together initially disturbed the eye and I had to remove and replace them with better choices. I know that this is a subjective decision and difficult to explain to anyone, other than to say 'when it doesn't look right, do something to fix it'.
How do you know when and how to do this?


  1. OOoo, this is nice. I'm glad to see more of your work.

  2. This is just wonderful. And I love, love the tutorial from the last entry. I think the important thing for people to learn from watching something like this is not, How To Do What You Do, but that Melody Does Not Have A Magic Wand and Has To Fool With It to Get it Right. Fooling with it is the highly personal, creative aspect of art that we all have in various quantities and qualities and blah blah blah...
    soap box eject.

  3. Anonymous7:03 AM

    beauuuutiful! thank you!


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