Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great Ideas from the 80's

Anyone remember this style? Thinking about downsizing (my closet and my figure) got me thinking about this era when double knits were favored and coordinating pieces was in vogue, or at least in the millieu of fashion. The concept was to have a few pieces in several colors that would mix and match, like adult Garanimals. (Are they still around?).

I had all these made back then and lived in them, shoulder pads and all. As I recall the shoulder pads made for some definition since the outfits were on the baggy side, for drape of course.
But what I really like and this is just between you and me, is that you could wear the outfit all day to work and then sleep in them too. Just release the hounds and jump into bed. O and take out the shoulder pads.
I was so colorful in those days, purple, red, aqua, hot pink, black, yellow, white and orange. I still have the aqua and only recently unloaded the hot pink one. Seeing the date on the pattern, 1988, makes me realize how long ago this was the style. 20 years practically!
I think it is time to bring it back.
I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday with my 40% off coupon ready to restock on interlock knits... which considering the extra 25 pounds I am carrying around (No Knead Bread!!!) it may become necessary to retool the wardrobe, and found that interlock is kinda boring colorwise these days.
Pasty and dull. So nevermind.
But somewhere there must be some stretchy fabric that drapes nicely and doesn't hug the cellulite too tight. I like the idea of having a minimal uniform wardrobe where everything goes together and looks good and is comfy enough to wear to bed.


  1. I also have that pattern and used it many times - It works well today with the new jersey knits-

  2. heroes. I still have the UNDERWEAR pattern I used excessively, and the halter bathing suit pattern that probably made the best fitting suit I ever owned!

  3. Wow! A trip down "memory lane". I was a DJ at a radio station in Wichita Falls, TX and I made lots of stuff just like this on my poverty-level salary! And football player-like shoulder pads took 10 pounds off my chubby frame instantly! Combined with the spikey high heels (ouch), an additional 10 pounds! But back then, it was better to look good than to feel good!

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Try some slinky knit - it's acetate and lycra. Really stretchy and totally comfy. Comes in beautiful jewel colors too. Not too bad to sew - better with a walking foot. Just throw it in a suitcase and the wrinkles hang out in mere minutes.

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Mel, I love your work and look forward to your blog every day! I have a question regarding your post the other day about dyeing. Does the 19mm silk charmeuse you use have a crepe back like the type advertised in Dharma's catalog? Do you think it matters in the fusing and handling?


  6. Michele, I use something similar from Exotic Silks, with a crepe back and satin front. It is cheaper to buy it from Exotic Silks.

  7. Wow, Slinky Knit at Fashion Fabrics Club (can't figure out how to paste the tinyurl into this #$%& thing)--and $4-6 per yard and 60" wide! Better than not eating bread!

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Or, you can spend lots of money at the fabulous Coldwater Creek and Chicos where they sell the magic travel knits.

  9. the outfit!! ...and what I wouldn't give to have that hair again!!

    Carol the elderly...jeese

  10. I was going to suggest Chico's as a place to look to buy some great coordinating knits like this. My mother got me hooked -- but unfortunately I can only afford a few pieces. She travels a ton and wears their pieces a lot -- a few basics, with some fun colors and accessories to set it off.

  11. Anonymous7:19 AM

    This brings back memories of a dear friend who used to manage a "Units" store. Remember them? The same type of clothing neatly folded into white bins in an all white store. They disappeared when the style did.

  12. Ahhhh - huge shoulder pads makes the butt/hips look tiny - the good ol days! Maybe they will come back - they are much better than hip huggers!

  13. Anonymous9:12 AM

    If you really want to make these let me know.
    I still have tons of cotton interlock knit in bright colors -
    and in not so bright colors -and would love to see it used.
    Kay S

  14. Kay!!!! Email me so we can talk. I DO want to buy your interlock!!

  15. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Melody, I sent you an email about the fabric.
    Let me know if you got it.

  16. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I loved the tip about Fashion Fabrics Club as an inexpensive source for slinky knit. But they're all sold out!


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