Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blacks: The Results Show

You certainly didn't believe I would dye 48 yards of black, now did you?
I lost interest after 4 yards. I added black and other great colors together to make lots of
"Colors with No Name" and then proceeded to try and name them.

The resulting tones are as rich and lovely as I had hoped and the proof is that I want to keep them all for myself. Ha!

Bittersweet Chocolate, Aubergine, Cinnabar, Latte, Mahogany, Brick, Stone Ground Mustard and Pumpernickel...anybody got some Swiss?

There's the Swiss Cheese at the end behind the Terra Cotta, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, yada yada yada...

Love this combo of dark chocolate, dusty violet and coral sands. Too deluxe!

The camera doesn't quite pick up this teal and deep slate green, does it? The neutrals are a warmer green gray and palamino. Just so yummy. The camera washed everything out and after several tries, I just had to surrender. The deep forest greens are so dark that they don't show up at all. I can't believe how much I am loving the bittersweet chocolate. It is the richest color of the bunch.
Now, do you think you entered the wrong url and got maybe Lisa Call's blog? Well, I must admit she made a believer out of me!
My latest quilt, Picante! is so me. However, I have RED WALLS at my house, so a quilt like that would fit right in. Do you have red walls at your house? I'll bet you don't. So while it is perfectly logical for me to make a screaming quilt for my house, it is not so logical if I seriously want to sell my quilts in the real world.
I may have mentioned that I don't have a single speck of space to store another almost-prize-winning, contest-finalist, judges-choice, appearing-in-a show-catalog type of quilt. What I need to be making has got to be less screaming and more sultry and dulcet toned. Now that I have dyed the goods, I have only to fuse them and start creating.
What do you mean I was supposed to be sharing these with my students at the Hudson Valley Art Quilt Workshop?
...uh, oh yeah.


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Wow. The result is worth the colored fingers..

  2. What dyes do you use for your cotton? I've been dying a lot of wool, which I know takes different dye, but seeing your gorgeous results makes me want to try fabric at some point.

    I love your blog. :)

  3. See my sidebar link, The Lazy Dyer

  4. I love the colors and I love the names... and I do have a China Red wall that would love the honor of one of your quilts.....

  5. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hmmmmm and my sister has red walls in a room. But.....she has walls the color of that palomino fabric and also forest green. Did I mention she has those lovely textured plaster walls?? I can really see these colors turning into something she would love......

    BTW, even tho I am a *screaming* colors person too, I LOVE these new colors!!!


  6. You dyed those all for me right? I LOVE that palette, you make me want to rip into more boxes and get at my dyes.

  7. These are so luscious! Now will you be mixing in fabrics that are not the pebble-y muslin? Will you stick with this palette or will you pull from your trademark colors, especially "clearer" lights? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks again for sharing this!!

  8. Anonymous1:49 PM

    These colors are so rich...they remind me of the gorgeous fabric Liz Axford used to dye and sell. Can't wait to see you use these in some new pieces!

  9. Anonymous1:58 PM

    That is really an amazing pallette of fabrics you've put together. I love to tonality of it all, such a nice "set". A half yard of each, please!
    Amazing, that's all I can say. (Well, that, and gimme!!!!)

  10. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Sultry colors for a sultry quilt, hmmmm. I think "Dave's Get Laid Meals" are taking effect.

  11. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Do to have RED walls, and orange ones, forest green ones, and a purple dining room! Do I make the wonderful art quilts you do??? Not yet, but I'm workin' on it.

  12. This pallette is sooo me Mel. I'm in love!

  13. I've been waiting for warmer weather to dive into dying, but now may be able to wait no longer. Do you have recipes for these gorgeous gems? Did you just add a little black to other colors? They are wonderful!!!!

  14. Wow. It must be tough to split yourself between benevolent teacher who shares and the artist who wants to keep it all for herself. And then there's the dichotomy of what do you want to make and what will sell. How do you stay sane?

  15. Wow!! simply gorgeous!! soooo rich and jewelry and earthy. I kept checking to see if you were going to post them today. Oh, Me bought a bolt of ron-lon today at joAnn's 40%off, also got gloves today, just need the mask now. Slowly but surely.


  16. Anonymous9:41 PM

    "Welcome to the darkside", I await your WOW to shine.

  17. I can hardly wait to see what comes of these...very different colors for you...and do include some of your vibrant reds...they will really pop with your darker colors!

  18. My house has white walls and Picante would look great so if your quilt wants a holiday downunder, send it on over! And we will only worry that we have found Lisa Call's site if you suddenly take to piecing all of your quilts.

  19. You have too much fun!! I want to play, but I have to keep at the getting organized thing, first.

  20. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Lovely colours, all mine. On the 'red wall' I have wanted one for sooooo long, but now I am afraid that if I do a red wall it will be out of style.

    I know the feeling of wanting to keep all that yummy fabric, maybe you could just cut them all in two.....grinz.

  21. Awesome colors - before you gunk them up with wonder under mail them to me to piece :):)

    I've turned you into a believer on the colors - can we start a pool for when you will start piecing again!!!! lol...

  22. Hi, Like everyone else I love those colours! Did you add black to the primaries?


  23. Oh MY GOSH! Now you're talkin' my color palette. Love those rich I can almost taste them.

  24. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I DO have a red wall - four of them. 'Course they are all in one room - a bathroom. My friends think I'm crazy but I love it. I wanted my living room to be red but my husband balked and we compromised on the red bathroom.

    Love those bright quilts!

  25. OMG..i just found your site:) the fabrics are delicious....i am so impressed with your dedication! fabric colors to dye for....~L.


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