Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This is how I fuse a design (part deux)

When I have traced the full pattern on the sheet of plastic using the overhead projector then I trace sections of the design onto the release paper from the used Wonder-Under. Each section of the design is clear for me to start turning into fabric. The photo above shows the area I am going to fuse next.

Using another sheet of release paper, I make my pattern by tracing the shapes.

I mark the top of each piece and then cut the two pieces apart from the pattern. I cut exactly on the lines of the pattern, using paper scissors. NO seam allowance is considered at this time

I choose the fabric that this piece will be cut from, and you will notice, that this is the backside of the already fused fabric. The pattern piece has been reversed so it will be cut properly. (One only makes a mistake once, putting the pattern wrong side up and cutting the fabric the wrong way.) I touch fuse the pattern to the fabric, rather than pin it in place. I do not fuse the entire pattern, just touch a few places for a temporary hold.

Notice that I have cut the fabric larger than the pattern piece, not by much , but enough to make it have an overlap when it is fused to its partner.

The second piece is cut the same way, slightly larger than the pattern paper.

Then I fit the pieces into their proper spot on the design, making sure that there are no gaps and that all of the design points are aligned.

When I am satisfied that all the pieces are where they should be, I fuse the seams and admire the results. Admiring takes a lot of my time.

What is this? This is the corner of a piece of Wonder-Under release paper, with a piece of fabric fused to it. I need to tape the paper onto my wall in order to trace the pattern. But the paper will not stick to tape, no matter what tape I use. It will stick to fabric so I have fused a scrap at each corner of the release paper and use those scraps to tape to the wall.
This is evidence that I have tried everything else first, and finally, yes finally have found a solution.

Teri, this is how I store my fused fabrics. Everything in my stash here is fused. No paper, and the fused side is rolled inside.