Friday, October 28, 2005

Discovering Martha

I sometimes imagine that if I am doing something then everyone must be doing that something too. Not like the world revolves around me, but that the time and thing are just happening in synchronicity. Like it's the zeitgeist.
So yesterday, while moving stuff to the upstairs kitchen for the winter, I turned on my kitchen TV and found the Martha daytime show. This is the first time I have seen it and her guest was Rosie O'Donnell and it was a scream. I stood and watched it (instead of bringing up the canned goods from the pantry) and had a wonderful time. Martha was funny, and Rosie funnier, and it was chatty and yummy and musical and so surprising that it was our Martha. They talked about Rosie's visit while M was in prison, and I just was fixed to the tube.

It was then I decided that I would share this fun with you, so this morning I googled Martha to paste a shot of her and Rosie, etc. and I found out from another site that no one is watching her new daytime show. I mean, it is in danger of giving away free air time to its sponsors in order to keep it on the air. Hmm. Not good. But geesh there is nothing better on during its time slot, unless you watch The View, which is ditsy to me now that class is on another network.

But here is the wierd part. She is on again in the afternoon on the Learning Channel. This is a much better time slot for me, as I am now officially sick to death of Rachel Ray and 30 Minute Meals. Martha has a much softer voice and doesn't say " How great is that?" 50 times a show.

It surely must be evident that I am much happier now that the working kitchen is back upstairs, where I can watch MY SHOWS rather than Dave's shows while making dinner. In fact, we are now referring to the downstairs kitchen as HIS kitchen and have left the refrigerator plugged in, for his pizzas, beers and ice cream.

So you could please watch Martha with me, and keep her on the air? Today she is having Bette Midler, whom I also ADORE, so it's like visiting with my show biz girlfriends twice a day!

And my new goal in life is to be a guest on her show. And talk alternately about quilts and knitting.

la dee dah, la dee dah...


  1. Me too me too! I watched it yesterday also and thought it was a gas. Especially Martha's gentle but firm directions to Rosie as she was making the candy apple. If you have a chance to see any reruns, you must see the Poncho Episode. She had David Spade as a guest and he came out dressed as Martha just like he did on Saturday Nigth Live. It was hysterical and then the two of them made three recipes she had developed while in slammer and they made them with only the tools and ingredients she had available in jail... plastic cutlery, brown paper bags and a few contraband spices. It was funny and interesting! I always switch it to Martha at the gym because usually the tv is on Tony Danza who is ten times worse than The View and Rachel Ray put together. (The evening Apprentice show, though... not so much.)

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Well, I guess I am officially *no one* then because I watch every day except Thursday (of course- I miss Rosie) because *puppy school* is at 11am on Thursdays. I love the new show. I turn the TV off after the Today show and back on at 11 to watch Martha and then the noon news. Thankfully I can easily watch from the studio.


  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    If that's your goal then go for it.
    We always need talented guests for the show.

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    as usual you are right on the money to me. Martha's show with the poncho thing was a scream and her show is not only lovely to look at but somehow calming. I stopped viewing the View because that whale Star Jones is the most disgusting sight I've ever encountered. She married a gay guy and made every company in America pay for her awful sham wedding. That guy lived with another guy down in the village which is great by me. I worked in the cosmetic business and 90% of the people were gay and more fun that you can imagine. Every time I see my old friends they can't say enough about how nasty Al Reynolds is and how much fun he makes of his "wife". all I'm saying is be who you are and not some sham "marriage made for t.v. crap" God she's hideous and horrifying. People are offended by Martha but as Popeye has told us, she am what she am... that's all I'm saying. and now that I'm all revved up about that horrid fugly freakshow that is Star'nAl I'm gonna go to my studio and by God Make something!!!!Hey watch Martha or else!!!!.

  5. I usually don't watch any daytime shows for me. If we have the TV on at all, its kids shows. I did catch one episode, and she was be-dazzling jeans, and had the men from desparate housewives, which I know nothing about, so I wasn't interested. I'll try again though. Would have loved to see Rosie! And I do love her Apprentice show, I'm glued to it.

  6. Well, I for one have not missed a single Martha show. I tivo it and if I miss it, I watch it later or on Saturday morning. I will admit that the show is hit or miss, but is getting better and I loved, loved, loved the show yesterday as I am a BIG Rosie fan.

  7. Ah, Martha is on at very inconveniant times for me: 3 pm on commercial tv and 6 pm on cable.

    If she were on between 9 am and noon... I might consider watching her. As it is, I don't remember...

  8. I'll admit that I enjoyed her Apprentice show, and yes, Rachel Ray really does say that a LOT!!

  9. I love Martha, and I did get to the show with Rosey who I love too...great human being. The only thing is, I don't watch that much daytime tv. But I'm going to make a special effort to watch Martha. I want her to stay. Anybody who does crafts can't be all that bad true? hahaha....oh she is here to stay ...she is part of all of us...


  10. Anonymous1:54 AM

    I'm sorta housebound, so I often watch afternoon tv - Martha or Oprah at 3pm - so, of course it's Martha ... I think her new show is friendlier than the old, (which I watched most days), but now she's 'one of the girls'. How great if you were to be on her show !!!
    God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

  11. Sigh... I no longer have t.v., but if I did, I'd try to catch her show. It's refreshing to see clever people who have a sense of humour about themselves instead of wannabes who take themselves faaaar too seriously.

  12. Anonymous2:36 AM

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