Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Stuff

Chair by LaDonna

I mentioned that I would be stopping at Lafayette IN to shop at the Artist's Own coop and to visit my friend Sylvia Whitesides. When I saw this chair I knew it would be coming with me to Columbus OH and then back home to join my collection.

It is hand painted, and this one has a fabric covered seat, also hand painted, canvas with acrylics, and the wood has gold foil decorations. Way too jazzy for most, and just so perfect for me.

This color scheme is so Mexican and so ha-cha-cha! I am so happy to have it and will use it everyday when I sit at my desk.

Yesterday I wrote that skirts were in my future, and not wasting any time I found some great fabrics and devised a pattern for an eight gore flippy skirt. The semi-wedge shaped gore is 5.5 inches at the top and flares out to 13 inches at the hem. The length, including the foldover for the 1.25" waistband elastic (Expando-Matic) and hem is 24".

I have a few sweaters that needed coordinating fabrics, so I brought those along to JoAnn's. This first little number is 100% polyester, but looks so hand dyed that I had to have it. It was a bear to sew. The fabric is twill and therefore an instant frayed mess. I serge all my garments and the serger chewed this stuff up, but I was able to struggle through. I am sure I will be re-hemming it as it hangs out and droops in spots. Still I bought five yards and only used 1.5 of it for this skirt. The rest says: Kimono, all straight seams, perhaps French seams. I tried fusing the scraps...they fuse!
fabric detail

This next skirt is also 100% polyester, and has glittering dots, like sequins, or foil. Very Festive.

See the sparkles ?

The fabric on this turquoise skirt is linen/rayon and was a dream to sew. It still has the proper body to flounce like I want it to do.

fabric detail

The instigator of all this skirt-y-ness is this skirt which used to be a dress. I bought it when I was a fat girl, and it was an XL. I couldn't get rid of it when I was unloading that whole wardrobe, because I paid too much for it, and loved the fabric. Right before I left, I made the decision to turn it into a skirt, and I am so happy that I did. It looks great with my ketchup and mustard sweaters.

crinkle rayon, that never looks wrinkled.


  1. Love the chair! I can see why it decided to follow you home. And the skirts are quite an inspiration. I've had to put my sewing machine away today (ah the joys of sewing in the dining room...) but tomorrow...heh heh heh... I think I might just make something for myself!

  2. I thought I recognized that! Isn't that the dress that you and Caryl both bought in Paducah?

  3. Cute skirts! And the chair is making me drool.

  4. Mrs. Mel sews clothes!! who knew??

    Cute skirts. And I love the description of ketchup and mustard sweaters...

  5. I love the chair and thr skirts too. You'll be as colorful as your quilts. i spend a great deal of time in Indiana can you give me the address of the shop?

  6. Great chair that will look stunning in your beautiful home. I love the final skirt!!! So funky and fun and summery. It appears to have massive twirl capacity.

  7. Hey now, that is a chair fit for the queen that you are ;) And looking at the skirts did make me pose the question to myself "do you want to start sewing some clothes?"...the anwswer was NO! but I like your skirts.

  8. Beautiful! OK this ALMOST makes me want to sew garments...Jen

  9. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Where did you find it? Interesting read »


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