Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New Work

Dusk and Dawn
33.5 x 36.5"
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Quilting detail center right edge

Quilting detail #2 lower left corner
This was such an enjoyable quilt top to make yesterday and quilt today. The colors are unusual and extra high contrasts in values, as was planned. I am calling this Dusk and Dawn because of the sky colors that are above the mountain shapes midway in the piece. It fits neatly into my
Atmospherics series.
I decided to go back to the swirling kind of quilting designs that I used to do because the piece called for it.
Don't you always love the latest piece you've just made?
I had errands to run today, banking, post office and library which took all morning. I finally got home by noon, but on the good side, at the library I found some great music cds and three books on cds to listen to while I quilt. I did the preliminary quilting yesterday, stitch in the ditch and did the escape hatch finish, no binding required, so all I had left was the decorative quilting today.
Also got a knitting book because one of my Indiana/ Louisville students, Rhonda Rose, was wearing the cutest vest sweater that she knit from this book. The title is 25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand-New Knitter, by Catherine Ham. The particular sweater is the Shawl Collar Vest. It looks pretty instant and my diamond patch poncho is half done, so it's good to have another project in the planning stages.


  1. Melody, this is very exciting! Lots of vibrations and electircity jumping here.
    Now the student is studying the master. I have a wavy piece made of stripes kind of like the one bottom, central of your new quilt. And every thing I put with it looks like crap! I'm going home and look at value
    (like you tried to teach us!). I think I'm hung up on "matching" the colors. I'll try opposites and lighter values to see if anything pops.
    Also, your quilting is so, so beautiful.

  2. Hi Melody...i've had 2 horrid days in a row...and of course phrases like "the rat race" and "working for the man" are throwbacks to another era but it boils down to exchanging my time to support others goals in exchange for money for me to snatch a little joy and other supporting evidence of my desires to create, and hold myself accountable to my true self...soooooo, I'm wondering, asking you, if not the work that you find distracting can serve or at least contribute to the body of our own authentic voice in our art????? It keeps me engaged with my authentic voice even if it doesnt get to the heart of it...sorta serves as a life line.

    talk to you later...leaving to go home from work.


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