Monday, January 10, 2005

More Yarn than God

Today was so much fun, and so 'right up my alley'.

We all met at Gretl's house for a sumptuous luncheon feast first, (pictured above) to gird our loins for the challenge of sorting through all her years of accumulated yarns.

Since one buys yarn,
on whim,
on sale,
for a specific project,
as souvenirs,
as presents to make,
as kits,
and for reasons one can't fathom,
it comes into the home and gets put somewhere for future use,
and gets lost among all the other stuff lying in wait
for that special event or WHATEVER!

What we were attempting to do was organize by color.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, and yet these tubs were full to overflowing by the time we quit.

Not pictured are the yarns that are already in drawers by color, the yellows, oranges, greens, whites, creams, tans, fawns, beiges, browns, blackish browns, greyish blacks, navy and of course mixed tweeds, raggs, etc etc etc.
We had huge bins of greys. Light grays, mediums, darks, each with their own bins. My favorite were the multis, the handpainteds, the colors that have no name, since I am addicted to those myself.

We couldn't possible separate them by content, since there are so many blends, and by weight, would have been ridiculous, so color was the only real choice. This way when opening a box of purple, with at least four available bins full, one can easily see that exact purple needed for any project.
I should mention that Gretl also had bins of quilt fabric, which she is reducing by giving it away to good homes, not ours mind you, since we also have enough of our own to deal with.

The Garnets and The Medium Multis ( we also filled bins full of lights and dark multis), and variegated yarns that kept moving from one bin to another).

The Roses and The reds

The Hot Pinks and The Light Pinks

and last but not least the really light pinks.


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