Thursday, November 14, 2013

Small Studio

Here's a slice of real life from my small studio. I was looking at the Pinterest page of Teri B. ( ) and felt a little envy/insecurity over my studio space. Since moving from a great big room to a teeny loft space, I have condensed and organized myself to fit what I have and found it is working out pretty great. The output is steady, with a quilt a week (not pushing myself, but enjoying the experience) and I am keeping it clean, with a vacuum and a Swiffer mop.

Now with my new lighting, the quilts photograph so much better, with less dinkin' around trying to achieve the true colors. I was planning to make a sewing machine cover, since I don't like the one that comes with the machine, but laziness won out and I just toss a piece of dotted duck over it when not in use.

No doubt I need a better way to get at my fused fabrics while working, and draping them over the railing does the trick for the prints, but then the dyed colors just make a jumble. I  try to  usually re-roll them when I have finished the top, but, um, forgot to do it this time. I keep thinking I need a chest of drawers with a wide surface to replace the fabric table...but then if I had drawers I might just fill them with more stuff, so again, I am holding back.
I've become a staunch listener to Pandora and have my faves running all during my work day. I use my Samsung tablet, and plug it into my stereo and music fills the room. My only distraction is little Tony the Tormenter who finds anything on the floor, or within reach, a gourmet treat.
Here he is outside eating something 'organic'.

The 'good dog' Chumley has recently taught himself to ask to go out by whining and scratching at the door. And then won't because it is suddenly it is too cold. Overnight ice on the pond does melt again by afternoon.

The remodel is moving swiftly and today the tile in Dave's bathroom will be grouted and the new Pergo floor will be laid. We got the bead board, crown, baseboard and shoe molding at Lowe's yesterday and last night Dave and friends finished up the painting. The trim will be installed next week, and by the weekend, I do believe Dave can move in. Yay! Pictures will follow.

PS. Blogger is sending me all sorts of error messages, so let me know if you have trouble with this page.

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  1. I had no problems reading your post :)

    I give you a two thumbs up for "downsizing" to a smaller work space and being productive. I was just the opposite. I was in a small bedroom and it was so crowded I couldn't have fun in there. I kept re-organizing everything but it never worked for me. We finally moved my sewing room to the basement that was totally finished off and half the room was my husband's man cave. I took the other half and love it because I have twice the space (or more) that I had before:)

  2. I think it looks great. If it's possible, I actually had too big of a space for a while. It felt cavernous (even though it wasn't) and unorganized, so I tightened things up, made a u-shaped work area where I can get at either of my machines and then just turn around in my chair to the work table. I did move my ironing station because it makes me get up and move. You are so right -- music is a great motivated and so is reading your blog. Everything looks great!

  3. I think you could do beautiful work in a tool shed...doesn't really matter. I was trying to enlarge the 2 nd photo to get a better look at what's on your pin board but couldn't ...the rest did enlarge. The piles of gorgeous fabric just make me happy!

  4. LOL at Chumley--my pugs and dachshund do exactly the same thing.I even put some gravel right outside the front door to make it easier for them...

    Love seeing your workspace. Hoping to build on a studio within the year,so am getting inspiration from you.

  5. Your studio looks beautiful...clean, organized, bright. My sewing room is small, too, but big enough for me. But after seeing your photos I AM feeling a little envious of the white furniture and wonderful lighting.

  6. How mean! Of course we all want to peek at and / or enlarge the work on the table! Poor Chumley. I don't blame him for changing his would you like to squat in the cold air?!

  7. Chumley has lost weight! Good on Tony for tormenting him so!
    No ice here yet and I don't expect to find much all through winter, but if it snows, all bets are off!

  8. It looks great! I prefer small work areas and seem to be most productive in odd spaces! When I get on my log cabin quilting kicks - I find that using a folding clothes rack is perfect for hanging strips - then I can put shorter ones in front (and use a clothes pin if needed) and longer ones toward the back. I have enjoyed watching all your progress - thanks for sharing! Cheers! Evelyn


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